SMU Fires Athletic Director Steve Orsini

Former athletic director Steve Orsini has been fired, effective immediately. Photo Credit:

Only a few weeks after welcoming new head basketball coach Larry Brown, SMU athletic director Steve Orsini has been fired, effective immediately.

Regardless of the part Orsini played in revitalizing the once stellar SMU football program, SMU president R. Gerald Turner said this in a press release about Orsini being removed from the university.

“After several discussions over the last few weeks, it became apparent to me that it was necessary to make this change. While we both are committed to the support of our student-athletes and coaches, a unified effort is required for future progress in our athletics programs.”

The next step is to put senior associate director of athletics for external affairs Tim Leonard in as the interim director and start a national search for a new director.

Hopefully, the move is for the best. But I wonder what the “discussions” Turner and Orsini had were about?

By Andrew Plock May. 18, 2012 | 1:17 pm | 3 Comments | Comments RSS
  • UPDad

    When Turner’s typically cryptic statement refers to “a unified effort”, it sounds like Orsini and Turner butted heads. I think the wrong one was fired. Orsini has been making the program better. Turner is a joke.

  • Neal

    He must have killed at least six hookers, because as we all know, killing five isn’t enough to merit disciplinary action at SMU.

  • Cinco

    Not enough people attending football games? Maybe thats because they are all too wasted from the Boulevard party beforehand.

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