Factory GPS Next Possible Target in SUVs

Which is worse to lose: a third-row seat or your in-dash GPS?

Burglars entered three Highland Park SUVs using the similar tactic of popping open the back window of large-size SUV to steal the vehicle’s GPS devices that are embedded in the dash early Monday morning.

HPDPS spokesman Sgt. Lance Koppa said they are not just targeting stand alone GPS devices, but are physically removing the expensive factory installed hardware, a practice done for quite some time.

“In the ’80s, [burglars] would get into Firebirds and Cameros and take out the high-end stereo systems because they had a cassette player,” he said. “Well, they’re doing that now. They’re going in and taking the factory unit out of the dash.”

Many of the vehicles were General Motor makes and Koppa suspects that the demand could have come from burglars looking to sell to those who didn’t have the GPS option in the first place.

As for SUV seating, HP had two third-row seats stolen over the weekend while University Park saw their numbers greatly decline to two reported over the past week — 43 have been reported in UP so far this month, 36 of which in the previous three weeks.

By Andrew Plock Aug. 21, 2012 | 4:59 pm | 5 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Neal

    When will this crisis end?

  • Purdue Guy

    I think it is time for UP to invest in a couple of bait cars to catch this guys. Maybe they can rent them?

  • Moe Skeedo

    Aerial Spraying for Car thieves might be a better use of taxpayer dollars.

  • XT

    So, I have a security system in my car that isn’t actually secure, in that thieves can pop the back window without setting the alarm.

    So really, I’ve been sold a faulty car. I wonder what Chevy et al would say about that? If (and it seems like when) my third row seet were to be stolen, I would certainly place a call to Chevy and find out.

    @ Moe Skeedo: Well played sir.

  • really

    Please don’t park your car in the garage so it will be easier for me to steal. Your neighbors have already been doing a good job of that.

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