“Glampers” Are Dedicated To Getting New iPhone 5

I want the iPhone 5, bad. But my friend and former People Newspapers co-worker Katie Bivins just called me saying the line’s already long at the Knox-Henderson Apple Store, even thought the new phone doesn’t come out until Friday.

So I’m bummed. But the silver lining is, these girls from Black Book Ink are “Glamping” (glamorously camping) until the new phone comes out, and will give free goodies out to people waiting in line early on Friday morning. So I’ll still stop by.

The glampers set up their tent at 5 a.m. on Monday morning but DPD made them take it down Tuesday evening. They’re now set up in Hotel Zaza’s Photo Suite, and their clients (including the new East Hampton Sandwich Co. who I feature in this week’s edition of Park Cities People) are dropping off supplies to keep them going.

“We are huge Apple fanatics. They do a fantastic job of creating stylish products that enable multi-tasking between your personal and professional agendas. The iPhone5 seems to be their best release yet!” said Sabrina Dee, Black Book Ink’s Chief Strategy Officer in a press release, “We work in a boutique firm specializing in luxury for our clients, so we have set out create a stylish ‘glampsite’ that will enable both work and leisure while patiently awaiting the iPhone5.”

By William James Gerlich Sep. 19, 2012 | 3:39 pm | 5 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Ray

    The scenery has changed at the Knox-Henderson location and not for the best. The nice girls are gone and replaced by a half dozen guys with folding chairs and a cooler.

  • TC

    I’ve never understood the hoopla…I love my iPhone, but I’ll wait until I’m due an upgrade because there’s bound to be “bugs” and “glitches”, there always are…and I’m dang sure not going to camp out for two or three days for it!!

  • http://FDA New Fangled Gadgets


    You are officially old.

  • XT

    If by old, you meant that he has been around, and doesn’t fall to the pressure of having to be the cool kid, and understands that only suckers buy the new edition because it’s usually a work in progress, and that he doesn’t have 3 days to camp out for a toy, then I’m sure he’d agree that he was old.
    I hope that you are enjoying your Facebook stock/ Newton/ WebTV/ etc.

  • TC

    @New…you got it my friend! I’m old and my teenage daughter makes me older (or at least makes me FEEL older) every day…hahahaha. But I’m also old enough to agree with the description that XT gave…spot on!

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