Suspicious Note Found in HPHS Bathroom Yesterday

Last night, a parent of a Highland Park High School student informed us that police searched a bathroom at the school yesterday, according to her son.

I spoke with University Park police Capt. Holman, who confirmed that police were on campus yesterday conducting a search. He told me that a concerning note had been found in a bathroom, so school administrators called the police department to check it out.

He was unable to tell me the nature of the note, and a call to the school has not been returned yet, but I’ll post any updates here.

Update: I just spoke with HPISD spokeswoman Helen Williams and principal Walter Kelly who confirmed that an investigation is underway. No arrests have yet been made, and they will be sending an explanation letter out to parents shortly.

Update: I’ve posted the email from HPISD administration after the jump.

Dear HPISD Parents & Staff,

The University Park Police are investigating a threatening note that was found yesterday in a bathroom at Highland Park High School.

A student brought the note to a teacher, and campus leaders immediately notified police. Campus leaders and police worked closely together and determined that there was no imminent safety threat.

The school district takes all threats seriously and will continue to cooperate with police on this matter.

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  • formerhpstudent

    Any explanation on why the school was just evacuated? I would assume it’s related?

  • LSB-Dad

    Another note found today. They just released high school out of caution at 2:40. Here was the email:

    Dear HPISD Parents & Staff,

    Highland Park High School will dismiss at 2:40 today. The decision was made after another suspicious note was discovered today on campus.

    We are working with police, and while we do not believe there is an imminent threat, we are dismissing early today out of caution. We ask that parents who pick up their children meet them at the usual location.

    We will continue to monitor the campus closely, and we encourage parents to talk to their children about how seriously any threats, written or otherwise, are taken on campus.

    We will continue to keep you informed.

  • parent

    kids have now been dismissed from HPHS?

  • HP Parent

    It was an early release – not an evacuation.

  • HP Student

    I am a student at HPHS, we were asked to leave the building immediately and directed to exit away from the school.

  • up mom

    It actually was an evacuation, according to my daughter. They were advised to leave the building quickly and to move away from the school area. There were teachers at the bottom of the staircases directing them to the nearest exit. My child was pleased because her geometry teacher had a quiz ready to hand out and had to bag it!

  • HP Parent

    I have heard from other parents that the first note actually mentioned a gun being in the school and that people who had bullied the author of the note would be shot. If that is true us parents have the right to know such a horrific thing!

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