$3.4 Million Middle-School Cafeteria Renovation, Expansion Could Begin Next Month

Yep, the big renovation to the Highland Park Middle/McCulloch Intermediate School cafeteria is coming to fruition — soon, anyway.

University Park’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved the project yesterday afternoon, as our tot-stealing correspondent Sarah Bennett reports. Naturally, that meeting began at the same time as a related school-board meeting, so SHW Group architect Jonathan Aldis then had to dash across town for trustees to approve his firm’s roughly $3.4 million design.

The 8,000-6,500-square-foot cafeteria overhaul will be financed with capital projects funds. The plan includes an improved and expanded dining space and kitchen, $700,000 in equipment upgrades, and — because of long-term cost savings and some shared structural elements — a finish-out for several third-floor classrooms.

A few drawbacks: Builders will have to “reconfigure” 11 parking spaces, and the campus could lose some green space, too (I’m a bit unclear on the latter, though, and waiting to confirm as much from SHW). Perhaps more nerve-wracking is the fact that basic construction will end — and school will start — next fall, before the kitchen is actually ready to prepare food. That lag time will last about a month.

In any case, the project still needs City Council approval. Contractor bids are expected by Feb. 28, and trustees must then approve the final building costs for a groundbreaking in early March.

By Georgia Fisher Feb. 13, 2013 | 11:50 am | 4 Comments | Comments RSS
  • A. B.

    There is a small outdoor eating area that my son loves. But hardly anyone uses it so I guess it will be enclosed. Blech.

  • ppd

    Campus is losing all the green space by the cafeteria: no other place to build!

  • ppd

    AB – everytime I’m there I see at least 50 or more kids eating outside – it’s a refuge from the hubbub… blech agreed!

    And what’s happening with this blog Dont like the new format? why changes?

  • Avid Reader

    Hope the site is still just under construction…

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