Benda to Move White Buffalo to Sanctuary

(Staff Photo: Chuck Cox)

Last week, Highland Park resident John Benda — owner of Fuel City on Riverfront Boulvard — added a pregnant white buffalo named Lone Star to his pasture of longhorn cattle and donkeys that straddles the Trinity River.

According to news reports, Benda’s listened to pleas from animal-rights activists and American Indians — some who consider white buffalo sacred — and, consequently, he plans to relocate Lone Star from his gas station to a sanctuary. Critics accuse Benda of using the buffalo as a promotional gimmick; but others believe Benda was simply making one of nature’s wonders accessible to the public (though, arguably, too close to Fuel City’s taco stand for comfort).

What are your thoughts?

By Rick Lopez Feb. 21, 2013 | 1:42 pm | 3 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Avid Reader

    Whether it was a gimmick or just letting the customers view a unique animal doesn’t matter. He has the right to do either as a business owner and other people also have a right to not do business with him for either of these reasons. Caving to special interest groups is ridiculous and a slippery slope that we are already well down in our overly politically correct nation.

  • KW

    Ditto to avid reader.
    Plus, John is a good guy .

  • CDO

    Great. Now nobody gets to see it.

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