HPHS Evacuated After Threatening Note Found

Well, it looks like the pranksters are back. We just learned that Highland Park High School was evacuated at 11 a.m. this morning after yet another threatening note – the fourth since last month – was found.

I spoke with the district’s communications office who confirmed the notes existence, but the contents and location where it was found have not been disclosed yet.

The school sent an email to parents informing them of the incident and encouraging them to discuss the severity of threats.

“HPISD leaders will continue to work with police to investigate the threat,” the email said. “Last month, three similar notes were found at HPHS. Parents, please talk with your children about how seriously any threats, written or otherwise, are taken on campus.”

University Park police Capt. Holman said that officers are investigating the incident now, and we’ll post updates here as soon as we get them.

Update: HPISD spokeswoman Helen Williams told me that this note was found in the boys’ bathroom – like the three previous notes.

By Michelle Saunders Feb. 26, 2013 | 11:40 am | 31 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Hp

    What’s the severity of the note? I assume pretty high since students were released.

  • mk

    WTH??? This situation is out of control. The school and police need to find the perpetrator NOW. Seriously, in addition to worrying the heck out of parents, think of all the expense and time wasted for the staff and students. All that food made for lunch will have to be tossed out. Whoever is doing this must have some sort of psychological issues; he/she needs to be identified, expelled and placed in treatment.

  • John

    If the school knows who did it, will they release the name?

  • Dscott

    I believe thy they installed cameras after the last incident. I hope to hell that the sob was caught on camera this time.

  • bob

    I agree that this is a huge problem. I don’t know why it was not escalated beyond the local police initially. I believe the FBI or some version of Homeland Security gets involved in these things when asked. Even if this kid does not have the intent to carry these out the actions do not speak well of his/her future acts.

  • MGBHStar

    What happened to the student/s who was/were supposedly given ISS after one of the last incidents? If age 18, their name can be published.

  • http://beecherl.dennis73@gmail.com dennis beecherl

    if it was a student and gets caught he or she will ont get a highland park high school education and removed from the school for good.

  • Ray

    Out of control is right! These notes are being used to terrorize and disrupt people’s lives. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before these people are caught and I hope their prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  • MGBHStar

    Another incident today, .22 ammo found in bathroom. school on lockdown, UP Police on site

  • HPHSmom

    School is on lockdown today. Apparently some bullets were found in a bathroom.

  • bob

    now .22 caliber shells? It is sad that this is happening. I hope this individual is found quickly and gets the help that they need.

  • Avid Reader

    Heard they are on lockdown right now after finding some .22 shells in a bathroom

  • nfw

    Capt Holman was just on Channel 5 with some less than stellar statements. “We are doing nothing different” in light of the recent notes, “Don’t know” what the school intends to do for the rest of the day…. As a parent of a HS student, please DO something different. The lack of information to parents as to what IS going to change isn’t very comforting.

  • Parkie

    Helicopter(s) swarming overhead.

  • Parkie

    Nfw-what more do you want? Airport body scanners? X-ray machines for backpacks? No new is good news right now. Panicking doesn’t help.

  • UPMomofboys

    The FBI needs to get involved – NOW. These are acts of emotional terrorism against our children, teachers, staff and parents. My son just texted me from school – it breaks my heart they are having to experience this.

  • nfw

    Parkie, not panicking. My kid is actually pretty calm about all this and is generally angry about the whole mess. Just think it sounded a little Keystone coppish, and I think that we could actually just say no more backpacks in the restrooms for now. If there are cameras in front of the bathrooms, I am sure they have an idea who is involved. This has happened too often, and it is definitely time to try a different tactic.

  • Hp

    Currently a student in the school, and not knowing what’s going on is a bit concerning. Updates would be appreciated.

  • mk

    I am really upset about this. I spoke to the UP police earlier and they were quite cavalier about the whole thing with me, stating: “Well, we can only do something about it if the kids decide to tell us who’s doing it and they’re being pretty closemouthed right now.” Since I had just gotten a text from my daughter, who was hiding in a cupboard with her English teacher and 2 other students stating “I’m scared and I love you…just in case.”, I pretty much told the policeman his comment was unsatisfactory and hung up. There needs to be a town meeting or something; this is just way out of control.

  • SS

    it’s sad but UPPD was given information about this being a continuing incident yesterday before they called the fourth note a hoax. this is an emotional event and it isnt fair to anyone for them to keep doing the same things over and over.

  • Avid Reader

    Someone just tell the school administrators that fake IDs and drinking was involved and they will have the perpetrator(s) in custody in under an hour.

  • mk

    @SS, what do you mean they were given info about this being a continuing incident yesterday? Can you please explain?

  • MCM

    The HP baseball team just received a text from the coach saying to report for 8th period practice as usual. Evacuate the building, except for the athletes.

  • Neal

    @mk: There is no rational reason for that English teacher to have hidden in a cupboard with three students. It’s not your daughter’s fault. The teachers (at least this particular teacher) need to act like responsible adults.

  • tk

    Parents need to be held responsible for these stupid acts of their children. Yes, I would feel bad for the parents of the involved student(s), but if parents were held responsible then perhaps they would pay more attention.

  • bm


    Get a real! The police are doing all they can! If you got any better ideas i am sure the police/school would love to hear them.

  • tk

    This kid has likely bragged to someone about what he’s done. Why not suspend all extra-curricular activities for all students until someone comes forward and rats out this miscreant. And hold the parents responsible, too. And close all bathrooms and require a hall pass/key.

  • M

    There is no way this kid has bragged–someone would have ratted him out by now. I suspect profilers would say it’s likely a boy who is a loner or in kahoots with one other boy. Gonna have to catch him/them in the act. Restricting access to bathrooms is misguided. Put out the cheese and set the trap.

  • pts

    if one is setting a trap then why release school? I’m paying for my kids to be educated, not spend the day a the park.

  • Ray

    This needs to stop! Instead of a handful of police officers investigating it, recruit the whole school by offering a large reward, I’m talking something like $3,000 or more.

  • tk

    Ray, I agree. Recruit the whole school. Offer a cash reward. Put me down for $50.00.

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