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  • ESD Football Coach Suspended

    Clayton Sanders, the head coach of ESD’s football team, has been suspended for one game following his actions in the team’s Sept. 14 game.

    “On October 3, 2012, the Executive Committee of the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) issued a sanction to the Episcopal School of Dallas for its conduct at the September 14 varsity football game versus the Oakridge School in Arlington,” reads a letter from interim head of school Kim MaGee. “We regret that our behavior at this event did not match the standards set forth by our school or SPC and respect the Committee’s decision.  I assure you that the school is taking swift and appropriate measures to ensure that all of our actions reflect ESD’s Mission and Honor Code, including exemplary leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline.”

    The decision to suspend Sanders was unanimous, MaGee’s letter goes on to say. The suspension was brought on by “egregious unsportsmanlike behavior by the coaching staff that spawned poor behavior by the players and fans.” In addition to Sanders’ suspension, the team was placed on probation for the remainder of the season, and at least two members of ESD’s senior leadership team and ESD’s athletic director are required to walk the sidelines this year during games.

    Here’s Sanders’ letter to the community:

    Sanders Letter to the Community

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  • SMU Loses Twin Basketball Recruits to Kentucky

    Andrew and Aaron Harrison are twin brothers from Richmond, Texas. They’re also two of the top five basketball recruits in the country.

    Five minutes ago, they chose to play basketball at the University of Kentucky, picking the Wildcats over Maryland and SMU. Honestly, it was basically down to Kentucky and Maryland, but SMU still appeared on their respective recruiting pages.

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  • GRIP Mediterranean Comes to Preston Center

    I’m not sure if you have to yell GRIP every time you tell someone you’re going there (“Who wants to go to GRIP for lunch?”), but that’s how they’re denoting their name. Whatever.

    The Mediterranean-style wrap shop opened on Monday in Preston Center. Photos on Facebook look good, even if you have to pay $1 for feta. Anyone been?

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  • University Park Hosts Shredding Event Saturday

    Please watch that video before you read the rest of this post.

    Done? Okay. That’s the first thing that pops into my head whenever I hear the word “shredding,” but University Park has another idea. Take it away, Mr. Mace:

    University Park will host another document shredding/e-waste disposal event Saturday, October 6 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will take place at the Middle School parking lot. Participation is free of charge.

    A wide variety of paper products and documents can be disposed of including:

    • Medical records

    • Legal files

    • Tax records

    • Financial records

    • Invoices

    • Canceled checks

    • Blueprints

    • Contracts

    • Payroll records

    • Company letterhead

    • Junk mail containing personal information

    • Any information with credit card, social security, driver license & account numbers

    E-waste items can also be disposed of

    That list includes:

    • Computers/laptops, computer monitors, computer speakers, keyboards, mice

    • Power supplies, printers, fax machines, scanners

    • TVs and VCRs

    • PDAs and cell phones

    Two nationally certified firms will be on site. Greenstar Recycling, the company that recycles all of the refuse collected by the City’s Sanitation Division, will collect and shred all paper documents. Universal Recycling Technologies will collect and dispose of all e-waste items. The company handles disposal of electronic materials at collection events in Dallas and in cities across the U.S.

    If there was a way to work “I’m a big man, and I need a big Shredder” into that email, I’m sure Steve would’ve tried. Alas.

    By Bradford Pearson Oct. 4, 2012 | 10:10 am | 1 Comment | Comments RSS
  • Delonte West: Not a Fan of NorthPark’s Foot Locker

    There are a million reasons why Delonte West is my favorite basketball player, probably of all time. There’s this. And this. And the fact that I had philosophy with him freshman year at Saint Joseph’s University.

    When this man makes declarations, I listen. Delonte hasn’t yet explained his disappointment (Poor selection? Too much new-shoe smell? Won’t give him free shoes?), but whatever it is, IT’S VALID TO ME.

    Consider yourself off my shopping list, Foot Locker at NorthPark.

    By Bradford Pearson Oct. 3, 2012 | 5:00 am | 4 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Tonight, Show Your Scots Pride With Our Sweet Signs

    Pretty proud of myself over this "thump" line.

    In this week’s Park Cities People, you’ll find the sign featured above. As luck should have it, the Scots are playing the Jackrabbits tonight.

    SO, if you’re the kind of person who subscribes to Park Cities People and goes to Scots games, you should bring the sign with you, and hold it up every time the Scots score. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    We’ll also be passing out the signs at the hamburger supper before the game, should you happen to be one of the unfortunate souls who doesn’t subscribe to Park Cities People.

    By Bradford Pearson Sep. 28, 2012 | 2:36 pm | 2 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Village Baking Company to (Finally) Open Retail Spot

    Took them long enough, didn’t it?

    After nine years of baking the city’s best bread, Village Baking Company will soon open a retail location, just across Central Expressway from University Park. From Village Bakery, according to my gurl Carol at SideDish:

    Now, after operating our wholesale bakery supplying breads to restaurants throughout the DFW metroplex and bringing our goods to the local farmers’ markets on the weekends, we’ve decided to open a retail shop. Over the years, the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response we’ve received from our passionate and ever-growing farmers’ market customers, has inspired [owner] Clint Cooper to expand his initial vision and open a store-front that will make his breads and pastries available to everyone year-round.

    The shop will sit at 5531 East University Boulevard, and open Oct. 4.

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  • In an Epic Battle, The Avengers Lose to Transformers

    A surprisingly apt photo for such a specific blog post. Source: Wikipedia

    Earlier this month, The Arbor announced that the city would show The Avengers in Goar Park, on Oct. 13, as part of its “Movie in the Park” series.

    “Great,” I thought. “A wonderful choice.”

    Then I headed over to yesterday, and found this announcement: “Last fall’s event was such a success, the city has decided to host another autumn screening in the beautiful surroundings of Goar Park. This year’s movie is Transformers – Dark of the Moon.”


    Trading in the second-best superhero movie of the summer for an average crushed metal-scantily clad woman flick? Et tu, Steve Mace?

    “It had to do with Brent Jones, assistant park director,” he said. “He was working through what movies were available and how many days after they’re released from the production house that we can show them. And they had to change it.”

    Rats. I was hoping for some sort of internal battle at City Hall about the film of choice. I envisioned Mayor Dick Davis putting his foot down and demanding Transformers, while city manager Bob Livingston expressed his boyhood desire to be Captain America.

    Jones, Mace said, works months in advance on this series and the city’s Dive-In movie series, and production companies generally don’t release films for public viewing until its DVD is released.

    So, moral of the story: free movie, Goar Park, Oct. 13, 7:30 p.m. Guess I’ll watch The Avengers at home.

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  • Sexual Assault Reported at SMU

    A male SMU student reported that he was sexually assaulted by another male SMU student this weekend, the Daily Campus reports.

    SMU officials released a crime alert late Monday afternoon, saying two separate assaults allegedly occurred early Sunday morning: one at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house and another at the Airline garage. The two men were acquaintances.

    Police are still investigating.

    By Bradford Pearson Sep. 25, 2012 | 9:49 am | 1 Comment | Comments RSS
  • Plaza at Preston Center to Add New Restaurant

    True Food Kitchen will open early next year in the Plaza at Preston Center, anchoring the center’s newest building.

    The restaurant — the seventh of the healthy-eating chain in the United States — will be based in the new five-story building that is wrapping construction in the coming months. Businesses are expected to open in the first quarter of 2013.

    “The debut of True Food Kitchen will bring a new, fresh concept to Dallas diners from one of the most respected boutique restaurant companies in the U.S.,” said Mike Geisler, partner at Venture Commercial and the Plaza’s retail broker, in an email. “We welcome True Food Kitchen as the first new retail tenant in the new building, and we look forward to announcing more great tenants in the coming weeks.”

    The new University Park Public Library will open above the restaurant around the same time.

    This isn’t the first time True Food Kitchen has attempted a move into the Dallas market. Last year the company announced they were opening a location in NorthPark Center; no word on what killed that deal.

    By Bradford Pearson Sep. 24, 2012 | 11:31 am | No Comments | Comments RSS
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