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  • HPISD Invited to Night at Perot Museum

    (Courtesy HPHS Science Festival)

    A student conducts an experiment at last year’s Night at the Museum. (Courtesy HPHS Science Festival)

    The Highland Park High School Science Festival committee invites all HPISD families to explore the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on Dec. 2 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. for FREE.

    Registration is still open for the 1,500 available spots. According to organizer extraordinaire Elizabeth Showalter, they currently have right at 500 registrants, so hop to.

    Created last year by the science fest committee, the Night at the Museum is aimed at engaging the whole district in science-related activity and giving HPHS Science National Honor Society students an opportunity for service hours.

    Read More…

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  • HPHS Science Festival is Tomorrow

    da Vinci Robot-2

    Dr. Richard Salter will speak to students about how advances in robotic technology have aided surgeons. Students will then have an opportunity to have a hands on experience with the da Vinci Surgical Robot. (Courtesy Photo)

    Highland Park High School students will have the exclusive chance to hear from nearly 50 professionals pursing exciting careers in science, technology, engineering, and math fields during the ninth-annual HPHS Science Festival tomorrow.

    Speakers representing a vast array of specialities including medicine, geology, cooking, engineering, cyber security, and even theater tech, will speak to students during their science and technology class periods. The school and festival organizers have asked us to remind students that attendance will be taken.

    Sponsored by the science and technology faculty and organized by parent volunteers, the mission of the Science Festival is to encourage and inspire students to pursue STEM careers and classes.

    Sounds like fun! I wish I’d gone to fest when I was HP. Actually, I’m not sure why I didn’t. #regrets

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  • Registration Still Open For HPHS Science Fest

    Science festival and HP alum Dr. Dan Cooper will talk about his 20-year career in orthopedic sports medicine. (Courtesy photo)

    Science festival and HP alum Dr. Dan Cooper will talk about his 20-year career in orthopedic sports medicine.

    Does your child love video games, theater, cooking, or sports? Next Thursday, Highland Park High School students will have the chance to learn from professionals who pursued their passions through careers in science, technology, engineering, and math at the HPHS Science Festival.

    Students have until tomorrow to visit to preview the list of over 100 presentations and register for slots corresponding to their science or technology class periods. Read More…

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  • Preston Road Pharmacy Turns 75

    Preston Road Pharmacy, home to gifts and friendly pharmacists, is turning 75 and is celebrating with an open house on Nov. 12 and a week of great deals.

    PRD, as it is lovingly called in my household, will kick off the week on Nov. 10 with pastries and coffee from 8-11 a.m. and a buy-one-get-one-free deal on greeting cards.

    Wednesday’s open house is from 2-6 p.m. Food and refreshments will be served and free product samples and tote bags stuffed with goodies will be passed out. You’ll also have a chance to enter a drawing for a Kindle Fire and iPod Nano.

    While we’re talking about pharmacies, just a reminder that you might want to go get your flu shot.

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  • Highlander Strings Wow NorthPark Crowd

    A video posted by Park Cities People (@pcpeople) on

    If you missed the Highlander Strings Orchestra last night, you missed a good show. The orchestra wrapped up the night with a much applauded version of the James Bond theme song. Great job kids. Now I feel like I need to go practice my scales.

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  • World Stroke Day Galvanizes Education

    Today is World Stroke Day. If you don’t know the warning signs and symptoms, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, headquartered here in Dallas, has an easy acronym for you to remember: FAST.

    F: Face drooping

    A: Arm weakness

    S: Speech difficulty

    T: Time to call 911

    As the daughter of a young stroke survivor, my mom had a stroke when she was in her 30s, I’m always interested in spreading awareness about strokes. You can join me in pledging to end strokes here.

    According to the Stroke Association, strokes are the leading cause of long-term disabilities in the U.S. and is the fourth leading cause of death. Worldwide more people die from strokes than from causes attributed to AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.  If you’d like to learn more about strokes, click here.

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  • Pool Passion Becomes Life’s Work

    Ches Hudel chats with caregiver Maria Farias as Chris Diduck instructs in the pool. (Photo: Chris McGathey)

    After 67 years, Ches Hudel still has a passion for helping people with special needs find joy in the pool . (Photo: Chris McGathey)

    She refers to it as her life’s calling, and it’s hard to dispute Ches Hudel’s claim about her work in adapted aquatics when you consider she’s been doing it for 67 years.

    Hudel makes the journey about five days each week from her home near White Rock Lake to the Park Cities YMCA, where she helps teach therapeutic swimming lessons for people with a variety of afflictions, such as autism and Down syndrome.

    And at age 83, she’s still as passionate about her work as ever.

    “I’ve never really thought of it as a job,” Hudel said. “I still love it.” Read More…

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  • Dead Fish Mystery Under Investigation

    Dead fish were spotted at Lakeside Park near Beverly Drive this morning. (Photo: Pat Martin)

    Dead fish were spotted at Lakeside Park near Beverly Drive this morning. (Photo: Pat Martin)

    UPDATE: This morning, a crew from Highland Park’s Town Services was deployed to clean up the unusual collection of dead fish at Lakeside Park.

    The town has already contacted the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, HP public information officer Sgt. Lance Koppa said.

    Per procedure, Koppa said that they would send samples of the water and the fish, which predominantly seemed to be 1 to 3-inch shad, to both agencies.

    They don’t know yet what the cause of death was, but it probably had something to do with runoff from the deluge on Thursday after our prolonged dry spell, Koppa said.

    He emphasized that it’s not a definitive answer, but that when accumulated waste, landscaping chemicals, and decomposing vegetation in the street was washed downstream, it could have led the water to deoxygenate, killing the fish.

    We’ll keep you posted if we learn anything else.

    By Elizabeth Ygartua Oct. 4, 2014 | 5:11 pm | 1 Comment | Comments RSS
  • Dead Fish Spotted at Lakeside Park

    Dead fish were spotted filling Exall Lake on Lakeside in Highland Park. (Staff photo: Pat Martin)

    Dead fish were spotted filling Exall Lake on Lakeside Drive in Highland Park. (Staff photo: Pat Martin)

    This is just what you want to see on your morning walk. Not.

    Our publisher, Pat Martin, sent us this photo this morning when she was walking her precious pup at Lakeside Park. Has anyone seen this before?

    We’ve got lots of theories about runoff from the storm to someone cleaning out their bait bucket, but no real answers.

    We’ll be contacting the town officials, but until we have a response, we’d love to hear your theories.

    By Elizabeth Ygartua Oct. 4, 2014 | 12:13 pm | 3 Comments | Comments RSS
  • Happy Texas Wine Month

    In August, we brought you stories about wine in the Texas Hill Country. Now that it’s October, aka Texas wine month, and now that the weather has just the hint of coolness, it’s the perfect time to take that weekend getaway we know you’ve been meaning to take. Click on the map for a full guide to towns and cities that are home to wineries and vineyards ripe for visiting. The map is sorted into three groups from shortest to longest driving distances. We hope it proves useful in planning your trip. Safe travels.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 4.13.44 PM

    Click this map to open a directory of Wineries and Vineyards in Texas. (Map: Curtis Thornton/Google)

    By Elizabeth Ygartua Oct. 1, 2014 | 9:30 am | No Comments | Comments RSS
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