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  • Worship Services Correction

    We misprinted the times of service for King of Glory at 6411 LBJ Freeway, Dallas in our Worship Services listing.
    The correct times for Sunday:
    8 a.m. – Traditional Worship
    9 a.m. – Jazz Blend Worship
    10:10 a.m. – Sunday School & Adult Education
    11:15 a.m. – Traditional Worship

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  • DSM Celebrating 75 Years

    I saw an ad for The Dallas Summer Musicals’ - Mamma Mia (one of my favorites) in the latest Park Cities People. Check out their summer line up, they have some lively entertainment for the entire family. Did you know that the DSM is Celebrating 75 Years? That’s amazing! Hope to see you at the musicals.

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  • ‘Keep America Beautiful’ Not Just a 1970s Thing

    So yesterday was Earth Day, but I figured since Earth Day Texas isn’t until this weekend I’m not late. Recently I attended an event at Dallas Audubon, just a few minutes from Downtown Dallas and worth the trip by the way.  The center director Ben Jones gave a talk and mentioned that we can all do something every day to improve our environment. He picks up at least one piece of trash a day; That resonated with me and I’m trying to do the same thing. It made me remember the “Keep America Beautiful” commercial from 1970 (I’m dating myself), which was touching and still relevant.

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  • What a Feeling ‘Flashdance’ Still Gives Me

    Sponsored Content: The Dallas Summer Musicals production of Flashdance is a must-see! They’ve included all the great songs and sexy dance scenes you remember from the movie, which, by the way, is one of my all-time favorites. Nick Hurley (Matthew Hydzik) is mesmerizing with his smooth voice and boyish good looks. Alex Owens (Jillian Mueller) is a gorgeous dancer and, as far as I can tell, she did all her own moves — unlike Jennifer Beals, who had a body double, Marine Jahan, in the 1983 blockbuster movie. My favorite performer was Kiki (DeQuina Moore); her vocal range is remarkable. Flashdance is playing through Sunday at the Fair Park Music Hall. Don’t miss it!

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  • Oh, Brother, Was ‘Sister Act’ a Funny Show

    I attended Sister Act at the Dallas Summer Musicals on opening night last Tuesday, and I highly recommend it. I went with a friend, and we laughed out loud — hard and frequently! At first, I was a bit disappointed that my favorite tunes from the movie were not included, but I quickly got over that, as the acting and vocals were terrifically entertaining. The trio of gangsters — Joey (Todd Horman), Pablo (Ernie Pruneda), and TJ (Charles Barkdale), from Texas by the way — were side-splittingly hilarious! Deloris (Ta’rea Cambell) and Sweaty Eddie (E. Clayton Cornelious) were precious too. Don’t miss out; performances run through June 16. Next up at the DSM is Flashdance; my husband volunteered to attend that one with me.

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  • Local Media Association Fetes Park Cities People

    The Local Media Association announced the winners of its Editorial Contest this morning, and I’m pleased to report that Park Cities People won three categories:

    • Best Sports Section, which is edited by Chuck Cox
    • Best Special Section, for our commemoration of the paper’s 30th anniversary
    • Best Column Writing, for pieces written by Bradford Pearson

    The paper also finished third in Best Photojournalism (for Chris McGathey’s coverage of the state lacrosse championships) and Best Front Page (for covers designed by Rick Lopez).

    Congratulations to our award-winning staff!

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