100 Dead Fish Found in Turtle Creek

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  • Kw

    Low 02 content in water , high water temp equals dead fish.

  • T-Bone

    Sounds like something fishy is going on here…….(Sorry, that on was just too easy, kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. Darn, just did it again!)

  • Sam Tamborello

    Should I chuckle or gasp,,,,,,but what Dodo Bird at HP Town Hall authorizes town employee(s) to spray (and appear to be) the spraying of toxins for mosquitoes directly into HP sewer drains.

    At least have the respect (emphasis added) for our environment to spray something organic. It’s a little bizarre that HP Town Council, and Mayor, to publicly claim for water conservation, yet (what appears to be) the contamination of water that drains directly into Turtle Creek?

    I believe it clearly states on the drains not to pour anything toxic into the sewer drains.

  • Scots Pride

    Sounds like something that should be addressed to the city and not a 3 year old post on a local paper’s blog. Also sounds like you still have a lot of personal animosity towards the Mayor, should have that checked out.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Nope, just a guy who loves his, and the environment, and a guy who doesn’t appreciate it being compromised. Seems like your a little rattled by the incident.

    So I may have an issue with whomever is responsible, and….? o.k? I love my habitat that I live in. At least I step up about the issue (and issues) whether in public’s transparency or a phone call to HP Town Hall (which by the way is useless from my experiences).

    What have you done for the town. Blab, and more blab (and I say this chuckling) under an alias name, diagnosing bloggers? Maybe you need a check up. Chuckle.

  • Sam Tamborello

    “Scots Pride”…. no answer….. means you probably have not contributed scintilla (or rather squat) to the town. Feel free to tell your buds at HP town hall that if they do not like criticism, then don’t get involved in politics or work for the government (emphasis added). chuckle.

    While your there, express to them to stop renovating parks (i.e. Lomo Alto @ N. Versailles) that were perfectly fine, tearing out beautiful Azalea bushes, stop wasting taxpayer dollars, and stop crying the town needs money.

    Personally…… I would fire a few to start, have a cup of coffee, and then enjoy the rest of my day. chuckle.

  • Scots Pride

    Sam, Don’t need any pats on the back or public acknowledgement for any contributions of any kind to the town. Also don’t feel the need to splash every little nitpicked issue I come across in our community on the local paper’s blog. Usually just make a courteous call to the appropriate person/people and it is addressed.

    Apologize for the delayed response as I don’ follow the blog that closely any more and was unaware that you had made a response. That said, commenting back and forth with you is predictable and boring, so will not be continuing. Good luck with your future town council runs.

  • Sam Tamborello

    I don’t apologize for transparency, sir. And I’m sure not apologizing to some, like yourself, who appear to be an entitled jerko. I’m chuckling. Get use to public nitpicking (if that is your adjective). And ahhhhhh…..the infamous claim to call HP Town Hall by the mysterious blogger like yourself. You really don’t want to go there. Trust me, I don’t think your group needs any more light shined on their pretty faces. But while we are here………let’s give an example for the public reading this about what calling HP town hall or HP DPS may get you. Example: The HP resident who immediately called HP DPS dispatch after almost being run over by a reckless driver, and the resident immediately expressing urgency that this vehicle was heading directly into an active school zone, and even provided HP DPS dispatch a license plate # for the reckless vehicle.

    What happened……wow! the HP DPS dispatch officer told the resident to come to HP town Hall to file a written police report. Oh my gosh….Forgive me (and if needed editing by the PCP,…… please do so) but what Jack’s azzzzz would fail to respond to an immediate emergency situation, especially when it involved innocent school children and their potential immediate danger.

    What’s boring are the “little bitty” comments some folks, like yourself, make behind secret blog names (chuckle). Real men and women are all in (emphasis added), and don’t have to whisper behind sissy blog names. As I said, sir, if you don’t like my comments, then don’t become involved in politics and be paid by tax dollars. Wow!…… you even threw in wishing me a “good luck with my future council runs.” I’m laughing now, and spilled my coffee. Gosh.

    Never said I was and/or would run. Interesting. I say this chuckling…..at least I worked for my votes in past elections, unlike some, and didn’t have to spread little ear whispers like cowards. And at least I wasn’t fined by The Texas Ethics Commission as the HP Community League was. I’m praying for you. Peace be with you. And have a great day! Chuckle.