A Bit of House Cleaning on Campaign Finance

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  • Real McCoy

    $323 per vote…talk about a terrible ROI. He should’ve allocated that money towards people who actually know how to run a campaign. Things like a consistent message and no typos certainly would have been a good start. No one thought Chart was going to be able to end Obamacare or kick Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi out of DC, as his mailers suggested.

    Too late now, though. The runoff will be a landslide.

  • XT

    Heath Cheek? C’mon, they’re making up names now.

  • OK…

    I know we are in Texas but not in a rural part or small country town. If you are running for political office and show up in jeans, polo and a fleece vest I would have a hard time considering you a serious candidate.

  • Dress For Success

    Ok…..makes a great point! This is particularly important for such a young candidate. If he wants to look serious and mature, he should always be dressing a little more seriously. I’m sure he is trying not to look pretentious and more “down home”, but this outfit makes him look like a frat boy!

  • HPscot94

    RealMcCoy… clearly an Allen Media employee. Are you even trying?