Apple Store on Knox Street Keeps Getting Targeted

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  • Ray

    Sounds like they need to over haul their security. Placing a marked security guard or off duty officer only keeps an honest crook, honest. A thief is generally going to stick with easier targets. One would think a posted security guard or officer would elevate your business to a none “Target” status but doesn’t always achieve it’s intended goal. You need other measures in place to compliment the door guards like “man’d” camera systems if they don’t already have them in place. I’m talking about installing multidirectional cameras with zoom capabilities and hiring an individual to monitor and communicate whats seen to the front door guards. And in the case of the Apple store’s recent chain of robberies, you need to be more proactive like hiring a more low key security personnel. I used to do shop lift prevention when I was younger and I never wore a uniform or badge etc. I dressed like a normal ” Joe” and walked around like your average shopper. This afforded me the ability to catch a lot of thieves I wouldn’t otherwise have caught standing around the front polishing my badge and watching the skirts. As for the over night burglaries, install security lighting, cameras, and hire security to patrol the area periodically. I would also develop a program that encourages law enforcement shoppers, discount accessories or free in store down loads. That and boost the crime stoppers rewards to help catch said perps.

  • Avid Reader

    Pattern? Go where the money and/or small expensive easily re-sold items are…

  • UPDad

    Knox Street Apple Store management probably thinks they’re just too cool to have security. In fact, those folks probably just think that getting robbed is further testimony about how elite Apple products are. That seems to be consistent with their overall attitude.

  • oh boy

    ^ You sound like an uninformed, biased jerk, who has never had a second of retail training in your life. Forgive me if I’m wrong. Large chains have budgets through corporate, which are based on month to month profits. They may not have the budget for off-duty police officers require. That expense night after night, day after day will drain any and all profit easily. The robbers will just stay away until you let your guard down. As an employee of the company you CANNOT touch the thieves for liability reasons. In the grand scheme of things, there’s not much you can really do besides keep your guard up and make another place look easier than yours. I work in retail and this is very common. In fact, the Michael Kors bag guy from DSW mentioned in another post is a well known man among retailers in this area. If there was an easy, logical answer, don’t you think this stuff wouldn’t happen?

  • bobthebuilder

    Oh Boy-
    Apple has enough money to hire 10 cops around the clock on Knox without putting a dent in their profit so don’t worry about that.

    But I personally think they should move the genius bar to the front of the store and put their items in the back of the store so it isn’t quite so easy for someone to grab a product and run outside.

  • Genius

    Sounds to me like this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to internal theft. Apple clearly doesn’t care.