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Architect Offers to Help Solve Playground Problem For Free

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  • Stuff_It

    Interesting. So, it’s put off again, but now they’ve decided that even though it meets code and everybody else in the neighborhood has wooden (or, good heavens, chain link) fences, that’s not good enough for a kids’ freaking playground? What, it has to be stone or stucco, or brick with burglar bars? Oh, and SUPER – awesome, now they’re saddled with a “concerned citizen”, who is just another GOBN crony, dictating what the play area perimeter looks like? Gimme a break! And what, exactly, is Taylor Armstrong offering “pro bono” here – the design AND construction? Or, is this just a free bid like every other contractor wanting business? Do they actually have to use this guy’s design to get approval from the bullies on the “council”? Cripes this stuff chaps me – bunch of creepy, grouchy geezers!

  • What sort of dog fence must I use?

  • NT

    There is a University Park city counsel meeting tonight regarding the issue.

  • Sarah Bennett

    Actually this item is not on tonight’s agenda. The softball/tennis lights are.