Barneys New York Will Close at NorthPark Center

  • Avid Reader

    Dallas is still the fashion capital of the south; this says more about Barney’s than anything else.

  • $325 polo shirts. One doesn’t have to be stupid to have a fashion sense. What took so long to close for the 2nd time?

  • jbw

    Guess the joke’s on me. I opened an account there this morning.

  • Old Man

    Worst service in NorthPark – you would have to send up a flare to get anyone to help you. Too busy flirting with each other and looking like work was beneath them. Nordstrom’s it is not.

  • Scott

    Impossible for Barney’s to survive next door to Neiman’s. Barney’s could survive if they could match Nieman’s service, but they would never thrive; Dallas is loyal to the hometown brand.

  • peter griffin

    for pete’s sake, they were worthless and weak.
    i agree, they were too busy flirting with each other.
    move along, nothing of interest here.

  • J.Bennett

    Obviously they did not get the message the first time they were in Dallas…it might work in NYC it never worked here!

  • The Barney’s in NYC is the only store location that’s worth it. I think Dallas shoppers are used to good customer service, style, and value for what we are buying.

  • Rico

    Terrible service, high prices, who needs it?

  • Neal

    I never saw any customers inside the store. I’m surprised it stayed open as long as it did.