Billingsley Also Menaces Dallas Neighborhoods

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  • HP97 Rules

    Several blocks NORTH? I hope!

  • Neal

    The report said he was issued a citation and “released several blocks away.”

    So a known crazy person with a long arrest record attacks a woman in broad daylight and is given a citation. Not arrested. Not placed on some kind of psychiatric hold. Handed a piece of paper and released.

    This sounds like Part I of the Aaron Alexis story.

  • John

    I live at Midway and NHWY and see this guy in our neighborhood every few weeks. I have always been a little wary when I see him and now with the latest events wonder why this guy is still allowed to wander the streets.

  • HPlowercrust

    Released after assaulting a person

    INvestigate who let him go

    IF its money that you are trying to save it costs more to police him or to mop up his messes


  • BM

    Class C assault = citation, not arrest!

  • Laura

    So kids get arrested for fighting in schools, but lunatics get a citation? What is going on?!