BREAKING: The Katy Trail is NOT a Toilet

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  • DemBones

    Send this to Friends of the Katy Trail. Suggest their next fundraiser be for portapotties.

  • Dave Pattillo

    Thank you! About time someone called out on this idiotic ‘grossness’. We live near Fitzhugh and the trail. I am tired of seeing it.

    My suggestion: If your bladder is so small that you can’t take a walk in the park without ‘going in public’, don’t walk in the park.

    One comment – I am disgusted by the ‘dad’ you mentioned. What was he thinking? “It’ll only be a minute… nothing will happen in a minute.” Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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  • Doglover

    I’ve seen my share of soccer mom’s squatting to go along the trail. I tried to post to friendsofkatytrail blog, as politely as possible, but the post was ignored or deleted.

    But I don’t blme them. The problem is, during a 2 hour run, while hydrating, it is nearly impossible to hold it in (even for me, who has a strong bladder). If anyone knows of a rest stop along the way, please share!

    There used to be a portapotty near the AA center overlook, but not for years that I’ve seen.


  • Amy

    And with the Icehouse now being “party central” there are more bodily fluids being relinquished late at night as well. Maybe a large, nice and fancy restroom facility (that lives up to uptown standards of course) would be useful to eliminate or reduce the public display of urination/regurgitation. Of course safety concerns could be an issue.

  • They better be careful. If they are caught doing that and found guilty of indecent exposure, they will have to register as a sex offender, in some states.

  • Ben

    This is payback for not allowing DART to use the property as they originally intended!

  • sandy

    Sounds like a good ad for Depends. “for those days when your trail has no potty”.

  • Neal

    It could be worse. Cyclists just let it out in their pants during a race – and not just #1…

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