Briggs Freeman Underwrites District’s App

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  • 1st anon

    That’s nice of Briggs-Freeman to pay the partial cost But let’s look at what the district did. They will have paid $15,000 (which = $75K in your collected taxes) for an app that does what exactly?? They are already paying for Skyward, which provides a very nice Skyward app. So all they did (seemingly) was convert the district’s web site to an app. They might have looked at free apps, but did they ask the real question: “do you even need an app for that?”. Let’s see if they actually provide some stats a year from now … how many people download this app? How many of those then actually use it? I’ll bet it’s maybe 500 people, which will equal $150 per user.

  • @1st anon is exactly right. But perhaps the app will earn a “National Communications Award”. We all know how important an award-winning communications department is to our children’s education.

  • really

    $15k = $45-50k. We are not losing 80% to robin hood.

  • For something as simple as they are describing, the HPHS students could have developed it as a project. At a minimum, why not hire a local company to do the development?

  • 1st anon

    @really is correct. A search says that Robin Hood takes 68%. The district, with Briggs-Freeman’s donation will have spent $42,000 of district+realtor money. The district will collect $50K in your taxes to pay for this app. And the district’s communications department has the nerve to say: “will be free to HPISD parents”.

    Let’s go back and look at that $42K that they are spending. What could the district have better used that money for? Oh, how about another teacher?!? Entry level teacher salary is $46,750. How about bonuses to our existing teachers? An end-of-year check for $1K to the Top 42 teachers. Or: the parents have worked hard for the Armstrong, Bradfield, and UP new outdoor play areas. You could have had the Briggs-Freeman Memorial Play Court.

    I don’t mind the district spending the money for things like teachers, supplies, building maintenance, books, and useful technology.

    But really, an app that does nothing but repurpose the HPISD web site?

    And while I’m on a rolling rant here: The communications department couldn’t find a Dallas-based technology company to do the work? Really?? You had to go to a Virginia-based company? Here, let me help:

    Even better, I’d bet that one of the senior technology kids could use that $42K for college.

    Or, even easier, just convert the entire web site to wordpress, which includes (almost free) all the mobile formats needed.

    Trustees …. reign in your spenders.

  • G

    I will be happy to pay for the darn app as long as it doesn’t make me enter a crazy user name no one could ever remember!!! I also find skyward hard to maneuver.