Channel 8 Says TABC Has Opened Investigation

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  • Suspended from what, extracuricular activities? Surely not from school.

  • nfw

    Article says students were suspended from extracurricular activities. Don’t know what the distribution was, but several are suspended from football. Conveniently for them, they will serve out their suspension for one game against Terrell, the worst team in their division. Funny how that worked out?

  • wondering

    My understanding is that it is extracurriculars. Also, the suspension stems from participation in a certain pre-party, rather than the concert, from what I’ve heard. If so, the news got it wrong.

  • XT

    Yeh, but they are all really nice kids. Yes maam’s, yes sir’s, just great kids.

    But really, parents, what exactly did you think would happen when your kid got on a party bus to go to a concert? Given the history of some of the underage drinking at these types of events in the past, maybe it’s time to pull your head out of the sand and, you know, be a parent.


    any ramifications for host house?

  • Bad reporting

    That story on Channel 8 was awful! How did the lady they interviewed know all those teenagers were HP kids? I am certain HPHS is not the only school with an underage drinking problem. If the HP students went on a party bus,as I’ve been told, then the parents rented the bus and probably provided the alcohol! Shame on them. Also, I was told at school today that the number of students involved is not close to 31. So channel 8 needs to get the story straight instead of reporting only bad info about HPHS. The majority of students DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  • peter griffin

    for pete’s sake, what’s all the fuss about?
    this is a generational right of passage at HPHS.
    in the late 60s there was the well know FMDC.
    Friday Morning Drinking Club.
    they even had a newsletter, run on mimeograph machine.
    i suspect that something similar has been going on
    since well before then. and since then, from 1973
    to 1981 18 year olds could drink. and every few
    years kids are busted for cranking out false IDs.
    the only problem this time?
    they got caught.

  • Julie

    Mr. Griffin, If you have a child at HPHS, would you please let the rest of us know?

  • E

    Lots of private school and other school’s kids there, too. Their school administrations just didn’t investigate … kudos to HPHS for doing the right thing. If the other schools actually looked into it or if any of their kids had self reported, they would have some suspensions for extracurriculars, too. Guess they all decided to overlook.

  • GoArmy

    An HP parent provided the school with a list of kids on the bus.

  • Oooops…

    The DADs club is the the FMDC, and they should be blamed

  • nothing new…..

    To add to Peter Griffin’s comments – underage drinking and huge parties getting busted is nothing new

    1994/95 – Kaufman Round/Cedar Creek ranch party
    1996/97 – first round of warehouse parties
    1998/99 – second round of warehouse parties and THE WAREHOUSE Party

  • Another Mother

    Until the parents are held accountable with consequences for their part (providing bus with alcohol) in these kinds of situations nothing will change.

  • Rational Dad

    Y’all cracking down on your kids and getting all uptight is so hypocritical. If underage drinking is the problem, and not pill-popping like other hs around the country, we truly as parents are being knit picky and need to find something else to get overdramatic about.

  • Another Mother

    Pill popping is also a problem. How could you not know that?

  • XT

    Rational Dad,

    What hypocrisy? If you mean that we all did it when we were kids, then cracking down on kids is what my parents did, and therefore what we’re expected to do as a parents.

    If by hypocrisy you mean that we as adults drink, well, if you can’t understand that then I can’t help you. I guess it would be hypocritical of me to get mad at my 12 year old for driving my car, because I drive a car too.

    If by hypocrisy you mean that some adults get loaded all the time and act like fools, well, you’ve got a point there.