Huffines: Church Forces Scout Troop to Relocate

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  • Ahm Prayinforya

    “Eventually we’ll have gay scouts and gay scoutmasters and gay troops,” says he. And better looking uniforms with Ascot ties and groomed eyebrows, right? Because all gays want is to take over the world and be well groomed.

    See ya at the pearly gates (pearly because a gay angel decorated it, no doubt).

  • Karen

    If this were 1964 Huffines would be spewing about the “black agenda” and if this were 1914 he would be spewing about the “female agenda.”

  • Karen

    The national leadership of the BSA cannot be trusted,” Huffines said. “They can’t be trusted not to open the door for more infiltration from the (insert name of people you don’t like here) agenda. Eventually we’ll have (insert name of people you don’t like here) scouts and (insert name of people you don’t like here) scoutmasters and (insert name of people you don’t like here) troops. They’ll keep coming until their mission is fulfilled.”

  • Jen

    Ditto Karen.

  • Z

    And if it were 1934 he’d be spewing about the Jew agenda. Honestly, how creepy can you get?

  • J

    Within five years the Boy Scouts of America will be renamed “Scouts of America” and include girls and boys, just like the rest of the world. Problem solved, right? One thing your article didn’t point out was how many scouts joined because they were gay since the decision. Isn’t that the reason for the push toward inclusion? Isn’t it?

  • Steve

    Ah, my future state senate rep. I hope Jeanette Smith takes over. In fact, it seems like I’d rather her by my state senator.

  • Steve

    “she be” vs. “her by” 🙂

  • Real McCoy

    Typical Huffines- he unfortunately represents the direction of the GOP under crazy Tea Partiers.

    John Carona was a competent and effective legislator that served SD 16 well. I still can’t believe he got voted out by a guy like Huffines who was TERRIBLE in their debate, had zero new or original ideas, and simply threw mud and distortions for months with his well-funded campaign. Once he gets to Austin and does nothing for four years, hopefully he will be replaced by someone else.

  • Wow!

    I completely agree with Huffines.

    A truth is a truth no matter how much you want to bend it.

    What amazes me is that each of these comments are intolerant, ignorant and ugly – and you have the nerve to throw stones at someone else’s beliefs which happen to be true.

  • Observer

    Sounds like Huffines quit Boy Scouts and then let the church drop the troop. Maybe he even suggested the church do it. At minimum, he wasn’t his former troop’s best advocate in the negotiations.

    He used a campaign manager who ran a dirty campaign for Chart Westcott and probably did the same for Huffines.

    He wants public schools to teach creationism AS SCIENCE. And he is unopposed in November to start making such laws.

    Can someone talk Dan Branch into running against him as a write-in candidate?

  • Parkie

    The truth is that Huffines’s comments are intolerant, ignorant and ugly.
    You are on the wrong side of history.

  • Real McCoy

    You and I probably agree on a lot more issues than you think, but you’ve got to realize a losing battle when you see one. Opposing gay rights is going to become more and more politically toxic for Republicans in general elections in the years to come. Same goes for immigration.

    We’d do better to focus on conservative fiscal issues and combating abortion aka infanticide. Those will continue to be winning issues for years to come.

  • allison

    Allowing “out” gay people in BSA is about inclusion. Not allowing a BSA troop to have meetings because a gay person might step on your property is about intolerance.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with beliefs because there is nothing in the Bible about how you should hinder people of any kind from doing good works & becoming smarter, kinder, better people.

  • John Hannah

    It’s heartening to watch evolved citizens work hard to avoid repeating the mistakes of our grandfathers. Seems like a natural and easy argument. However, gay is not a race or a gender…and in this discussion – regarding matters of leaders of a young men’s group – it’s a bit more complex than trotting out our forefathers’ obvious blunders. Just as it’s more complex than referring to scripture.

  • Phred

    Mr. Huffines is too stupid to know that the “BSA national leadership” didn’t change the policy… volunteers (like he used to be) changed the policy with a vote of 61%-39%. Huffines has the right to think whatever he wants personally, but he and the rest of the misinformed who think Scouting and it’s values have anything to do with stopping “infiltration” are going to have a really, really hard time in the future.

  • HP75

    Allison, Can I bring my Tea Party friends over to your house every Saturday to discuss politics? No? How intolerant of you.

  • Dennis C. Burns

    Electing Dan Branch to the office by write-in would be an extraordinarily refreshing response to the near suffocation of common decencies by the flow of money in politics these days.

  • Neal

    I feel like such an ignoramus. Until just now, I thought Don Huffines was a mongoloid dwarf who hatched from an egg in a gypsy caravan and escaped a life of misery and torment at the Lubbock County Fair to run for senate. Today I learned he has lived among us for more than just these last few months as a high-functioning member of society. Impressive!

  • Steve

    HP75, can I bring my liberal tree huggers over to your house every Sunday morning? We’ll sit around and read the NY Times, sip lattes and wait for you to get back from church.

  • Neal

    Dennis C. Burns – Chart Westcott’s defeat (after hiring Don Huffines’ campaign consultants for the runoff) is a small victory on that front.

  • Karen

    “Christians”, not gays, are the people with the agenda. Christians regularly witness to others and conduct missionary trips where they try to convert others to their way of life. I have never had a gay person try and convert me, give me literature, invite me to their meeting place, etc. I have had many “Christians” do that to me.

  • HP75

    Steve, Buddy, are you sure you are ready for the New York Times? Since you totally missed the point of my first post, maybe you should start out with something lighter? The church must be tolerant of the Boy Scout’s new policy on gays, but there can be no tolerance for the church’s point of view.

  • Huh?

    @Karen – Everyone has an agenda, it is whether you recognize it or not is the question.

    @Steve – weak retort to HP75’s comment; doesn’t take that much brain power to get the point.

  • ShonM

    I briefly attended NW Bible Church many years ago. It was ultra conservative then, and I imagine it is still the same way. I got involved with a group of people there who tried to control every aspect of my life, and told me I could not read secular books, watch secular films or listen to secular music. I attended bible studies that sometimes went on until 1 o clock in the morning, then I was expected to get up early for church the following Sunday. I heard many people make derogatory comments about gays, but there was also a strong anti-Catholic attitude running amok in the church at that time. I don’t agree with forming attitudes of hatred towards other religions, and it made me uncomfortable. Coincidentally, I started dating a Catholic man around that time and was ostracized by the church group for not being “equally yoked”. I left NW Bible church and I am so glad to be gone! What a relief. Also, I believe that someone’s sexual orientation is their own business, not the business of other people.

  • HP75

    ShonM – Northwest is non denominational. They are anti-church structure and hierarchy in general, and of course the Catholic church is the epitome of man-made religious structure. Sounds like you got mixed up with some real dorks during your time at NW and probably should have just switched Bible study classes. BTW, I agree that a person’s sexual orientation should be their own business and wouldn’t it be so nice if everyone just kept it to themselves.

  • KT

    It became well known in the Dallas community, over a period of time, that there was a strong anti-Catholic agenda coming out of various conservative churches in Dallas. The anti-Catholicism stuff is just as scary as anti-Semitism or any other beliefs that lead to persecution. These churches need to work on cleaning up their reputation. They also bash people who did not vote Republican, often implying that they will “go to hell”. Its unhealthy to judge other people all the time. I don’t think a gay person should have to be ‘closeted’, if that is what you are saying. Heterosexuals don’t have to keep their orientation a secret, so why should gays have to keep theirs a secret? I won’t go (or donate money) to any church that tells me how to vote, tells me I can’t have friends of other faiths, and tells me to ostracize gays. I personally believe ostracism is actually more unhealthy for the ostracizer than it is for the victim.