Court Alley Officially Announces Campaign

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  • Skeptical

    So where’s the list? Or is he just counting every one of his facebook friends as supporting him?

  • Sarah Bennett

    @Skeptical – The list of supporters was attached to the press release, but I don’t know that it’s online anywhere yet.

  • Skeptical

    That looks like a list of people that:

    A. Can’t vote for him because they don’t live in HD 108. (Half aren’t event from Dallas)
    B. Don’t believe in him that much because they haven’t even donated to him yet.

    I think more people were at Morgan’s kickoff event than actual HD 108 voters that are on this list.

  • J Jones

    Skeptical, lets keep it clean and keep away from anonymous online attacks. The out of district people on this list are a lot of big name highland park grads. They are still younger and probably will return soon after they wrap up their medical residencies, etc. impressive list.

  • Avid Reader

    So just to be clear…..Every time there is a campaign post, are we to expect automatic astroturf quotes from the competitors family or volunteers?

  • Neal

    Ugh. Commenters to these posts are the worst. They swarm like locusts. It’s a freaking state rep race in a solid Republican district in a house that has Republican super-majority control. The stakes couldn’t be lower. You people are boring. Go away.

  • Edward

    At least he could brush up on is facts a little bit instead of spouting off the typical “California is bankrupt” claptrap. Even at its worst, California’s budget wasn’t as bad at Texas’ was, and in the near future they will actually be in surplus.

    Yes, there are multiple financial work-arounds to get there, but Texas does the same thing.

    It cracks me up when Republican politicians talk about “future generations” when they are in the party that is doing everything it can to make it harder for future generations to get an education, affordable health care, clean air, clean water, safe roads, usable state parks, etc.

  • J Jones

    No, Neal. These three young men are going to protect us from Obamacare, hunt down terrorists thousands of miles away, and ensure that Baby Jesus is always in our Park Cities classroom.

    Chart, Court, and Morgan are the real heroes. They saved Latin. What have you ever done?

  • XT


    I am certainly no fan of Texas state government, but if you’re going to try to compare it unfavorably to California, well then I think your credibility is in question. Ttry running a business in the state of California, and you’ll see what a cluster it really is.

  • J Bass

    Pretty sure Baby Jesus would have wanted health insurance for all his children…I think that’s the cornerstone of Christianity? What’s that phrase, give unto others as I have given to you.

  • Miley W.

    I figure that the Trinity or the Nicene Creed is closer to being the “cornerstone of Christianity” that guessing about what Baby Jesus wanted.

  • Sarah Bennett

    Guys, I feel like once Dear Lord Baby Jesus enters the comments, we all need to take a breath.

  • Edward

    I was attempting to focus on the misconception that California’s budget was so much worse than Texas’.
    You are certainly correct that running a business can be more difficult in California, although that doesn’t seem to stop people from continuing to open businesses there.
    While California might be on one extreme with regulations and Texas on the other, my personal preference leans to more regulation if that means what I’m buying won’t kill me, everything around me won’t explode, etc.
    I would like to say that Texas’ handling of mortgages certainly protected our state from the boom/bust situation in the real estate market. It’s funny how that regulation did a good thing.