Dan Who?

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  • I’m betting the Dan in question is state Rep. Dan Branch, and I’m betting the reason is school finance.

  • clydesdale

    100% definitive; its not Dan Branch…
    Its the honorable mention winner at the DHF Classic

  • Oscar Dagrouch

    It’s genius marketing whoever it is. Vague enough to get your attention and aren’t you dying to know who Dan is? Whoever he is, I’d do business with him. I sure hope it’s someone in the mortgage business !

  • clydesdale

    Whoever Dan is, he is a genius

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Dan is a name. It refers sometimes to the short form of the name Daniel. Dan, or the acronym DAN may refer to the following:

    Fyodor Dan, a Russian Marxist revolutionary
    DJ Dan, an electronic music artist who uses the singular name “Dan” as his stage name
    Dan (Bible), one of the sons of Jacob

    As two of the three are deceased, its got to be DJ Dan

  • GoArmy

    Dan Clarke with Entrust Loans. Great guy. Roll Tide, Dan!!!

  • Is this a command to us, or Dan?
    or a request for Dan to phone home?
    Is some forlorn fiance, left at the altar, desperately trying to find her lost love?
    Is someone trying to pass the buck? “Why ask me? Call Dan.”
    Why black letters on yellow?
    And what about, Naomi?

  • Oscar Dagrouch

    Give this guy some business. In this day and age, a little ingenuity is nice to see.

  • clydesdale

    I’m pretty sure its DJDAN as he is playing the electric daisy carnival in Dallas on June 18…


  • Cookie Damonster

    I’d love to give the guy some business, but who is he? What’s his number?

  • kmom

    And I take it DAN is a sesame street fan? Can any business stick signs out like that? I hope not, it’s ugly and tacky. Say 15 other businesses want to advertise this way, everywhere this guy has his sign picture 15 other signs lined up. Gah. I hope it’s illegal, if it’s not I predict 1000’s of signs like this out soon.

  • GoArmy

    Dan Clarke, Entrust Loans, 214.599.9701 ext 3

  • Oliver Closehoff

    kmom may need to try zanax…

    it won’t be long before robotic beings rule the world…ugly and tacky will not matter … affirmative yes


    000000001 00000000011 0000000100010001001

  • Morgan and Chloe


  • Oliver Closehoff
  • brackattack

    kmom- DAN has his signs in his friends yards and the people he doea business with. he’s not just putting them all over the place. the home owners are putting them in their own yard because they support DAN.

  • mainzer

    I agree with kmom. Political signs are bad enough, no reason to make our neighborhood into a big advertisement for everything.

  • sls

    It’s illegal in the parkway, at least.

  • kmom

    Well then, let me think of who all might benefit from signs in my yard. Lawn service, sprinkler repair service, favorite garden store, maid service, pool service, plumbing service, electrical service, handyman, hair salon (2, the men go to a diff), dentist, nail salon, chiropractor, health club, pet sitter, bank, tailor, jeweler, rug cleaner, Pest control company, poop scoop company, cleaners, chimney sweep, painter, dog groomer, veternarian, pet store, dermatologist, caterer, we could go NUTS on restaurants we like, deli, fish market, florist, computer repair company, game store, video outlet, decorator, landscaper, travel agent, fave airline, fave hotel chain, Optical, Optometrist, Donut store, Coffee shop, party store, shoe store, shoe repair, vacuum store, favorite shopping/entertainment websites – that could be a slew as well, alarm company…………

  • moron

    Dan is Kilroy’s 1st cousin. Both were here.

  • DemBones

    If Dan wanted business, he’d give contact info.

    I have assumed Dan *Koller* is correct that we are to call Dan Branch and tell him not to cut school financing so drastically. The signs I saw were next to Mad for Plaid signs.

  • Mavenmere

    I like to remove Dan whenever I see him. Who really cares?

  • Only reason the sign would make any sense as if “Dan” was well known to the community.

  • I think I have solved the Dan mystery. Vandals removed the bottom portion of the sign that had the contact info.