Dini to Replace Holtberg at St. Mark’s

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  • tb

    I don’t know David Dini. I’ve heard some good things about him from one other SM alum who does know him. Nonetheless, it’s unsettling that the trustees chose a fundraiser as headmaster. What values are revealed by tapping someone who’s good at schmoozing guys like Tom Hicks and Wallace Hall? (If you know what I mean, and I think you do.) Yes, the job requires administrative skills, but I’d have preferred someone who’s also spent a good deal of time as a teacher — someone dedicated to broadening and deepening the minds and characters of young people. I’ll be delighted to learn that my concerns are misplaced.

  • pcres

    @tb: It says on the website that he has prior experience as a teacher, advisor, and trip leader. He also won an award for excellence in teaching, so I would assume he has extensive teaching experience.

  • tb

    @pcres: The “teaching” awards are for leading summer courses on fundraising for prep school development personnel. They’re not for teaching elementary, middle, or high school students. It appears Mr. Dini has been primarily in fundraising since 1992.

  • truth

    “I don’t know David Dini.” …. You just lost all credibility in judging David Dini with your first sentence.