Don’t Forget Your Junior Symphony Ball Tickets

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  • UPmom

    If only any of the 2000 Dallas area high school kids who go to thie party would actually attend the symphony themselves, now that would improve the future of the fine arts. Why don’t we encourage our kids to attend the DSO? You know, attend a concert, then have a big party?

    The future of the arts depends on bright, educated patrons. How will these kids fill the shoes of the Prothros, the Basses, and countless arts donors in the DFW area?

  • Mom of Boys

    There are lots of bright kids in HP who love the arts. They appreciate fine art, they play instruments and they love good music. They have been exposed to the arts and to giving. They will go on to have good jobs and will continue to support the arts. No worries.

  • UPmom

    Thanks, MOB. I feel alot better now. Still think it would be great to see these able bodied kids actually attend one of Jaap’s concerts at the Meyerson. Maybe along side the kids they raised money for?

    Most kids going just see the blow out party aspect of it.

  • lolatdallassociety

    THANKS UPmom! You sound like Dallas’ “society” hasn’t gone to your head, unlike everyone else in the bubble. I wish we could see our children attend the symphony, appreciate the arts TRULY, and recognize them as time honored and true. As for MOB, I have seen UP firsthand, and I am not sure what HP kids you are talking about. Everyone I’ve seen listens to house music and has no appreciation for the arts.

  • Tina fite

    My daughter Justine Fite ..sophomore at esd has lost her tickets!!! We have turned the house upside down…they came a couple weeks ago to the havenrock addreess!!! What should we do!!!???

  • girlmom

    Pretty sure if you ordered the tickets online they aren’t mailed to you. Daughter said when she ordered online she was told to get them at the event.