Editor Wakes Up to Report Final Numbers

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  • Julie

    After spending more than half his adult life as a member of the Legislature, it’s probably time Mr. Carona allowed someone else a turn.

  • 1st anon

    If my math is correct, young Chart spent over $150 per vote. Sad what we’ve come to.

  • I haven’t taken a math class since I left the tutelage of Dr. Olene Brame at Booker T. Washington High School in 1992. But my records show that Chart Westcott spent $1,199,989.90 in this campaign and received 3,709 votes. That comes out to $323.53 per vote.

    Morgan Meyer spent $63.47 per vote, and Court Alley spent $28.31 per vote.

  • 1st anon

    I was using the $500K expenditure number that I recently read.

    Chart could have won the primary outright with a simple: “I pledge $1M to Mad for Plaid if elected”. No mailers, no robo-calls, no debates.

  • UP Dad

    While I was averaging two to four mailers per day, at least I never got any robo calls for the Meyer/Westcott/Alley race. Got way too many for the Huffines/Carona race, so I’m really glad that’s over. Robocalls are 100 times worse and 100x more annoying than mailers.