Factory GPS Next Possible Target in SUVs

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  • Neal

    When will this crisis end?

  • Purdue Guy

    I think it is time for UP to invest in a couple of bait cars to catch this guys. Maybe they can rent them?

  • Moe Skeedo

    Aerial Spraying for Car thieves might be a better use of taxpayer dollars.

  • XT

    So, I have a security system in my car that isn’t actually secure, in that thieves can pop the back window without setting the alarm.

    So really, I’ve been sold a faulty car. I wonder what Chevy et al would say about that? If (and it seems like when) my third row seet were to be stolen, I would certainly place a call to Chevy and find out.

    @ Moe Skeedo: Well played sir.

  • really

    Please don’t park your car in the garage so it will be easier for me to steal. Your neighbors have already been doing a good job of that.