Frisco 21, Scots 20, Final

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  • Mrs. Koller and I were kicking around headline ideas for the print coverage of this game. I like “One And Done” because it was a one-point loss in the first round, but she likes “Frisc’d.” Thoughts?

  • nfw

    The kids made a valiant effort, so I would stick with something a little more respectful. They aren’t pros, so mistakes made by individuals don’t deserve to be hammered over on the blog either. You win as a team; you lose as a team.

  • XT

    I strongly agree with nfw

  • GoArmy


  • HP Mom

    Agree with nfw.

  • ProudScout

    I like the Mrs. idea. Frisc”d. Good choice.

  • Even though it was a valiant effort and a team effort, I am curious, when was the last time the Scots exited the playoffs at the end of the first round?

  • Avid Reader

    One and Done.

  • Chuck Cox

    The Scots last lost in the first round in 2004. Texarkana Texas High beat Highland Park, 28-25, in Tyler. Perhaps a good omen for the Scots next year? The Scots won a state championship in 2005.

  • Was the QB a senior this year?

  • Chuck Cox

    Yes, Jet is a senior.

  • Quigby

    Who are the potential QB’s next year?