Ginsburg to Vie For Mrs. Texas America Crown

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  • UP Pop

    At least the snake skin is real….
    You can teach people a lot of things except Class

  • JR

    She must not have been able to unseat Dena Miller, wife of Vaughn Miller for the crown of Mrs. Highland Park.

  • KA

    Gina and her husband Scott are known to be one of the most charitable couples in Dallas. They give generously to numerous causes in the community and beyond. She is a true Texas beauty and embodies all this great state is known to offer. Beyond her stunning looks and outgoing personality, she is educated, a successful business owner, loving mother and devoted wife. Gina would make Texas proud to hold the title and I wish her the best!

  • XT

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get past those boots…

  • Watcher

    She’s wearing boots?

  • John

    She’s given generously to Dr Toldedo. She looks completely different than when she first came on the scene. Makes no sense that you can buy beauty then win a beauty contest on a fake look. Anyone can write a check for charity, KA. That doesn’t make her special or worthy or a better person. Those boots, on the other hand……

  • KA

    John, I am not understanding what all the hate is about? There sure does seem to be alot of jealousy and animosity in these comments. What is wrong with a woman maintaining her appearance, especially after giving birth to two children? In regards to winning a beauty pageant on a “fake look”, in my opinion that comment does not apply to her. She has always been a head turner and considering she owns a chain of beauty salons keeping up appearances is mandatory to her business. If she has had work done, I can guarantee you she will not be the only contestant on that stage that has gone under the knife. Either way, who cares? There is much more to her than just what we see on the outside. I must also beg to differ in regards to your “anyone can write a check for charity” comment. Sure some can throw $100 into a organization or two, but they have donated millions. From what I have seen they don’t just write checks, they also donate their time and are hands on with many organizations. I am not here to argue and I would not have felt the need to defend my prior post had you not personally directed yours towards me. I simply was stating my support for someone who I think would be a nice fit for the title.

  • This whole exchange has cemented my plan to provide blanket coverage of the Mrs. Texas American pageant in the Dec. 14 edition of Park Cities People. Mark your calendars, folks.

  • WordPro

    Whatever a person wants to do is fine with me as long as it does not hurt another. I would live to see Gina take away Dena’s pretend sash and make it real! Dena Millwr is notorious for spreading hate and hurting others. She constantly attacks some person named Jill publicly. She has attacked so many women publicly and personally, that if any organization was informed of her behavior, they would remove all ties from her. It’s ironic because she mans a so called anti cyber bulling page, but then turns around and bullies others. Gina, please take the crown away! This woman needs to be crushed! That’s probably the only way to actually help her become a better person.

  • Ditto WordPro

    Exactly WordPro, you are 100% correct in all that you say.