Hair Fairies Opens at The Shops at Park Lane

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  • up mom

    I can’t stress strongly enough how helpful it is to use a professional removal service, whether at home or in their facility. My kid (who has a boatload of hair) came home from camp a few years ago with lice. After endless home treatments (to no avail), I took her to the Texas Lice Squad, which at the time was the only facility in Dallas doing removal. It cost a bundle due to the length and thickness of her hair, but was worth every dime, because they got nits out that were so tiny, I never would have found them. I spent about $170. but their money-back guarentee and free follow-up checks made it utterly worth while. Good luck to both companies in their endeavors to keep the Bubble free of this revolting ailment.

  • rhonda wright

    I also had to deal with lice recently with my four kids. When I first found out they had it I thought I was going to lose my sanity but I called The Lice Place ( formally the Texas Lice Squad) and the staff there was a lifesaver. It was a little expensive but for piece of mind it was the best money I ever spent. They are busy so make sure you book your appointment instead of walking in. ( I learned this the hard way) Hope this helped.

  • Myra Sullivan

    I couldn’t agree more with the other 2 moms. We had the best experience with the whole staff at The Lice Place. I am not keen on strangers coming into my home so I prefer going to their place of business – plus we had our own private room with the option of closing the door. I don’t particularly care to be seated in front of a plate glass window where everyone walking by can see me or my kids.