Health Scare Gets Young Mom Exercising

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  • Another Mother

    I get regular annual checkups and have my whole life. I have never heard of a carotid artery scan nor has any doctor ever recommended it. Bone scans, mammograms, colonoscopies – yes. I am all about prevention but how would someone know about this scan? Is it something new or something only certain doctors use?

  • 1st anon

    The artery scan and full body scan are quite common. Insurance doesn’t pay for it, so the total cost is relatively low. I think that I paid $75 at Medical City Plano for the report. Because of the lower cost, and other reasons, many doctors will have you do this before they send you to the more expensive echo or nuclear stress tests. You definitely should ask your doctor.

  • J Jones

    Is this article paid advertising? It seems to be promoting a product.

    Why don’t the insurance plans cover this?

  • Advertising?

    How did she find out about it? It’s one of the services her employer offers.

    Concierge doctor is a new business model for physicians – like Royal Pains on tv.

    Anthony Lyssy, her physician for this procedure, is one of the two doctors for whom she does pr.