High School Student Finds Bullets in Backpack

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  • CDO

    Can everyone just calm down, for God’s sake.

  • DemBones

    Subsequent email said bullets came from backpack’s home, so just an isolated and unrelated incident.

  • jbw

    @CDO: No kidding!!

  • Dscott

    I didn’t get a text message from HPISD. Same for others?

  • The district sent an email, not a text message. My mistake.

  • Kersten

    My son carried a cookie in his backback for two years. True story.

  • CDO

    Kersten – Yes. As I recall, the district did send a text about the cookie. My son called me to come pick him up when your son went to authorities that day. I think we can all remember where we were on that day…. So frightening.

  • Ray

    I wonder if her dad will let me tag along the next he goes to the range?

  • Kersten

    @CDO thank you for the big laugh!!