Highland Park Cops Explain Shooting Via Video

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  • moe skeedo

    Im glad for the officers who did their job and kept our community safe.While some might lament the death of the individual, it is very likely that innocent people could have been injured or killed. This is why we have laws and a police force.

  • HPDPS Supporter

    Thanks to the HPDPS for putting out this video to explain what happened and for their efforts to protect us. I support our officers and trust them to do what is right, but the media reports on this incident left a lot of questions in my mind – most importantly why the suspect was shot in the back while running away. Seeing what really happened on this video makes me feel a lot better. The officers obviously made a mistake in the initial search and they have owned up to that and I’ll bet they are much more thorough now! Thank you for keeping us safe!