Highland Park High School Gets Third Bomb Threat

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  • Think

    So, you are not allowed to have security cameras in bathrooms for obvious reasons. Install a camera to the entrance to each bathroom and have staff check the bathroom each hour or 30 minutes. If a note is found, then you have a time window to go back and look and see who entered and you have your culprit. Only thing would be the cost to do it and then the installation and maintenance.

  • Vballmom

    They do have cameras outside the bathrooms in the hall.

  • Cat girl

    Supposedly there is a camera outside bathroom & they are interviewing kids who were in there. I was just up there & 1/2 the kids are gone. There are parents everywhere checking their kids out. I’m sure it’s just a hoax, but why chance it? Letter supposedly said, ‘Today is the day.’

  • Notabigdeal

    I’m a student at the school right now, the rumor mill has blown way out of proportion. Yes letters have been found, but the threat has never made it past the notes, schools will always put saftey first. Dogs are patrolling and officers are here. Parents you shouldn’t worry.

  • hp parent

    I want to bitchslap the kid who is doing this.

  • hp parent

    No, Captain Holman. One never wants to “blow off” a bomb threat.

  • Cat girl

    I think the school needed to tell us why they think it’s a hoax or dismiss all the kids. No one knew what to do. This should have been handled better! The email should have had more details. Then maybe so many parents wouldn’t have gone up to the school & pulled their kids out. It was total chaos there.

  • hp rebel

    I find it unacceptable, that is, the lack of organization, and lack of detailed communication between admin and the parents.

    Get a real job
    School Admins
    UP/HP police force…


  • i think it was a student who did that and if he or she gets cought they could be removed from the school for good

  • Bibliomaniac

    @hp rebel. I disagree. Fortunately they haven’t had a lot of bomb threats to practice on. I think they are doing a decent job considering the fluid situation.

  • Steller Police Work

    Steller police work–since when does a kid use the word, “pistol?” That’s an adult term. A high school kid would use the words “gun” and “uzi” and things like that, NOT “pistol.”

    Perhaps if the police weren’t busy giving attention to white trash females lying on cue resulting in arrests of innocent people like R. R. and others they would get some real brains and figure out what nasty adult (who might be angry at a new spouse or fiance’s kids who want nothing to do with that person or perhaps angry at the police for not ensuring the person their vindictiveness has targeted is not behind bars with no bail) wants to create chaos behind the scenes….just a theory, of course, which frankly in UP would make sense.

  • Neal

    @Steller Police Work:

    No one uses the word “steller” either. It’s “stellar”. Go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. You’ve gone pretty far down the rabbit hole.