Highland Park ISD to Require Proof of Residency

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  • Observer

    Better late than never. Each student meant more state money to the district without much effect on overall costs. Finally it is costing more in space required.

    Is there still a requirement of how many weekday nights are spent in the district? Many kids have lived elsewhere while one parent has a district address or the family rents an apartment here they do not use but have utilities in their name. Another allowance was made for living elsewhere while a district home was under construction, as if owning property here were good enough. It’s not, is it?

    Can students finish a school year here when the family moves during a school year? Or is that just a provision for high school seniors?

  • JustAnOpinion007

    I don’t know why this is news. I believe I’ve had to do it each year anyway (or every other year) after registering my kids for school. Is that because I’m in a multi-family dwelling?

  • Thefacts

    @observer based on personal knowledge there is not a weekday requirement. You aren’t suppose to be able to finish the school year if you move unless you are a senior but I have seen it happen several times. HPISD isn’t consistent with the rules on this topic nor do they seem concerned if they do have knowledge you don’t live here unless you play a sport.