Highland Park to Outsource Alarm Monitoring

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  • 1st anon

    I’d really be pissed off if UP outsourced their alarm monitoring.

  • Alarmed

    With the new technology out there (video, remote control, etc.) I understand why they might need to upgrade their infrastructure. But outsourcing the service defeats the purpose of having your alarm monitored by the town. This sounds like there will be a third-party between you and the police, no matter what.

  • HP mom

    The main reason that I bought in HP (at the time, UP did not offer direct monitoring) was the direct monitoring. I not happy at all to hear this.

  • Sam Tamborello

    What the Mayor and Town Council are really saying is…slap! The residence have no one to blame but themselves. Maybe if the free willy spenders on the HP Town Council could learn how to budget, then this would not be an issue.

    HP Town Council is saying we’re too cheap to invest into our town and families, but we waste millions otherwise. A huge chuckle. I guess that is what experience gets you. I sure hope they do background checks on the new vendor(s). Oh, I forgot, HP probably hasn’t done these on quite a few of their own, hey. Enjoy, HP residents!

  • Sam Tamborello

    One other funny thing…..and HP Town Council wants to spend nearly $100k on another librarian asst. Where is our $250K per year town manager, Bill Lindley, on this. Oh my my. How about we roll back some of the salaries over at Mayberry Land on Drexel Drive.