How Many HPHS Kids Play Rock Music?

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  • Parent

    The HPHS orchestra sponsors a Battle of the Bands in the spring. Some bands form just for the Battle, but several each year seem to be already performing around the area.

  • Avid Reader

    There are/were a couple Scots in the band Nelo. Also think a couple brothers from HP are in the band The Strange Boys that had a song on Entourage and on some Dell commercial.

  • fan

    Johnny Stimson. Check him out.

  • Bonnie

    Love Johnny Stimson!! Especially his latest single” Human Man”.And ” Daddy’s money” !!

  • A. B.


  • Alum

    My friend John Thomasson is still rocking with Little Big Town.

  • I still play in Austin! Also Vaughn Heilman lives here and plays I think

  • Tennisgal63

    Riley Deaver is performing Monday nights in January at the Balcony Club in Lakewood