HP to Play in Class 6A Next Season

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  • XT

    2,000 vs 5,000 students in the same class? That’s just stupid. So let me get this straight: They added a class and there is still that big of a discrepency? Genius.

  • Sports Fan

    The 2011-2012 UIL alignment numbers for 4A were 990-2064. Highland Park was in the top 10%. How do you think those schools that were twice as small felt about that? The running joke was that the cut-off for 4A was Highland Park enrollment +5. Here is a link to the actual numbers for all divisions in 2011-2012.


    Get ready for some Southlake football (and you thought Aledo was good?)

  • XT

    As the AD said, “Scots are always competitive”. And I’ll stand by my statement that 2K vs 5K is ridiculous.

    As to Southlake, at least we don’t bastardize the process by keeping 1 high school football team with 2 high schools. I bet you Plano would be pretty good if they had kept one football team for 3 high schools…

  • silverlining

    I actually think there will be a benefit in the smaller sports like baseball and basketball – especially in the subvarsity teams. HP always had issues with depth of opponents teams – of them not having enough players/teams to allow us to have full seasons for a B team or a freshman team. This will be a chance for HP to have good competition top to bottom and perhaps a chance for more HP athletes to be a part of the programs!

  • Curious

    What happened to 5A? 4A to 6A that is a pretty big jump. I looked at the link that SportsFan provided and it said that SouthLake was in 5A how could we be bigger than Southlake?

  • Texas Bob

    Good luck to the Scots if they play Allen or Southlake Carroll etc. in football next season. No more whipping up on the likes of Forney North next year.

  • really

    Good observation, Silverlining. Many times Terrell couldn’t field a freshman team in some sports. The only caveat is if we get in a district with DISD schools. Then we may end up in the same situation.

    Curious, the link was for the last realignment two years ago. Southlake will be 6A next year.

  • XT


    This years 5A becomes 6A next year, 4A will be called 5A, etc. They are now calling 6 man 1A. So HP is just going up 1 class.

    My point earlier is if your going to change the Classes, why not add a larger one? The difference between 2100 students and 5700 is enormous.

  • Observer

    @Curious. “In the UIL’s reconfigured classes, the former 4A is now 5A and the old 5A is 6A, so Highland Park is not stepping up two classifications.” -Dallas Morning News