HPHS on Lockdown After Shells Found

  • Right Said Fred

    Dallas schools are looking better every day.

  • XT

    Good luck with that

  • CAS

    Why don’t they put a camera on all the doors leading into the bathrooms? That would narrow down the list of suspects.

  • Are they going to have to make up these days at the end of the school year?

  • UPMomofboys

    Thank you for these updates.

  • Parkie

    Probably no make up. School was in session at 9 when official attendance is taken.

  • i think it was a student that did that and if he or she gets caught they should be removed from the school for good i think it would be sad to see that and i hope it does not happen.

  • HPparent

    I don’t want my kids going to school after this until the boy doing this is caught. He stepped up and brought bullets to school today, whats going to happen tomorrow? Its scary.

  • Think

    If this boy/person was serious he would have done something by now. Bringing bullets is definitely escalating the situation but still it is just a louder cry for help. From a friend with a son currently at HP said after the incident, “Mom, I was initially afraid but after 15 minutes I figured if he was actually going to shoot up the place it would have happened.”
    I believe that police are doing all they can, but in lieu of having an office stationed in each bathroom, what else can you do? Camera’s are already located outside the bathrooms, and you are just infringing on others privacy with any further actions you take. How the action of one or several effects many.

  • dscott

    time for metal detectors and bag searches? I would vote yes if our children were of high school age. to hell with privacy concerns is what I would say as a parent

  • MC

    Solution: Plant guards outside every restroom. Sign students in/out and check restrooms in between.

    While the school seems to be handling this the best they can, there wasn’t an active, uniform policy re: cell phones in yesterday’s lockdown. My child was able to text me, but I know a few parents whose children were prohibited from using their phones for the entire lockdown. In this day and age, kids need to be allowed to text parents during such events. Especially when the lockdown is roughly 2 hours long.