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HPHS Student Remains in Custody After Threat Charges

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  • UP Resident

    I’m a UP resident with kids in multiple HPISD schools and I don’t know who he is. Holman’s comment seems insensitive. A lot of us haven’t heard a name associated with this and we’re not actively looking to know.

  • Kersten

    Ditto. I don’t know who he is. Don’t want to.

  • jb

    Holman’s comment does not reflect well on the City of UP.

  • amanda

    I’m inclined to cut Holman a break on this. After all of drama, I’m sure his department’s resources were burdened by this “prank” (that went on, and on, and on…)

    Let’s not forget this man is responsible for the saftety of the kids at the school, and didn’t have the luxury for one moment to treat the threats as if they were a prank.

    I think it would be great if he could tell us who it is. The boy responsible is “protected,” but perhaps a bit of public (insert word) humiliation/shaming/awareness might deter this boy or another in the future.

  • Avid Reader

    What part of Holman’s comment does not reflect well on the City of UP?

  • Another Mother

    Holman will not be releasing the name of the student. It’s against the law. And the LAST thing the boy needs is public shaming and humiliation. He needs help and hopefully he will get some. It’s frankly disturbing that someone would think public shaming would be useful.

  • HPISD Parent

    It is extremely unprofessional for the police chief to describe rumors and express his personal opinion.

  • KarisDun

    I feel much sorrier for the other HP students who had to attend school in a state of fear.

  • mk

    Avid Reader, I think the perception is that the chief took a bit of a cheap shot with the statement about everyone in the city knowing the kid’s name and how he wished the kid was 17 (so that the name could be legally released to the public). It’s an understandable comment since the perpetrator caused the police force and the community so much money (in resources) and anxiety, but probably not the most professional thing for him to have said.

  • Leon Holman is a captain with the University Park Police Department. Gary Adams is the chief.