Huffines: Creationism Goes With Science

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  • JS

    Good for him!

  • A. B.

    My jaw dropped when he said it. The interviewer even gave him an out, asking if it could be presented in a comparative religion class. Nope. Science. Sigh.

  • XT

    We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…
    Actually, it’s starting to feel like Kansas around here.
    Creationism? Really? Maybe he knows his constituency better than I do.

  • Neal

    I saw him in the parking lot during early voting. He is very short. He was wearing an orange shirt and looked like an Oompa Loompa. His wavy hair, small eyes and half-open mouth don’t give him a particularly intelligent appearance. So while his stance on introducing religion into science class is the least surprising thing I’ve heard all week, it’s such a relief to know that we’ll have a state senator who will **FIGHT OBAMA** from the backbench.

  • Mom of 4

    Completely agree with JS – good for him!

  • Griselda Melitnakov

    It’s amazing how some people are against theocracies yet think creationism belongs in US schools.

  • NFW

    Mr. Huffines is merely pandering to his religious base. I doubt that he will find many state senators willing to back the charge in teaching creationism in schools, particularly when Arne Duncan and the teachers unions have hijacked our education system with Common Core curriculum. Obama got the majority of Americans to believe in the last election that he was worthy of reelection. Isn’t that a bigger sham than this little tidbit?

  • JMB

    I know Don to be an honest, straight-shooter. Regardless of where you stand on this particular issue, Don will be a great leader for our state. Of that I have little doubt. Buy into his faith, or don’t buy into his faith. Either way, you can definitely believe he has the business prowess and moral courage to lead this state to even greater heights.

  • HPdad

    Really Mom of 4 and JS? You believe religion should be taught in public school, during science no less?

  • A. B.

    KERA gives us more cause for veering off the road today from Dan Patrick. At least he is open to Creationism not being taught as science. However, he seems to think everybody in Texas goes to a Christian church:

    “I think we really confuse our kids and our grandchildren because we send them to Sunday school, they learn about Jesus, they learn about the creation of the world, and then they go to school and they’re denied the opportunity to hear that,” Patrick said. “They must be really confused.”

  • Lone voice

    Most of the scientific and technological advances in this world are now made by pinko, democrat, liberal, feminist, going-to-hell, homo-loving, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, atheist, black, brown, and yellow scientists at our world-renowned universities and high-tech companies. Thank GOD for that.

  • Avid Reader

    @Lone Voice, While most or even the vast majority of the scientists themselves might be “pinko, democrat, liberal, feminist, going-to-hell, homo-loving, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, athesist, black, brown, and yellow scientists”, those high tech companies they work for are capitalist based organizations out to make millions and billions of dollars for their shareholders. Oh, and those advances at “our world-renowned universities” are typically joint ventures with other terrible greedy companies. The horror.

  • Lone voice

    @Avid, what does your comment have to do with Christian theology being taught in science classes? Large companies want well-educated employees. In addition, many (Coca cola, General Mills, for ex.) have liberal views on social issues such as offering benefits to same-sex partners.

  • 9600

    @Avid Reader: Appreciation of the many virtues of capitalism is not exclusively the domain of Republican, anti-feminist, going-to-heaven, heterosexual, white, Christian non-scientists. Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and shareholders are folks who don’t fall into those categories.