I’m Too Fast For Facebook

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  • schoolsoutbaby!!!

    thats ridiculous. and it would be worth it if i wasn’t getting spam all the time, but I am, so obviously this doesn’t work on the right people!

  • I’ve seen this, just one more thing too slow for my mad computer skillz!

  • tinkerbell

    lech! 🙂

  • HPW

    I’m a la fiesta duchess this year, yall have done a great job covering us this year! Thank you!

  • kmendies

    Stupid company deleted my account without my permission or warning and I lost 94 picture albums. I created a new account and aperantly I too quick to request friend request for 600 people that I previoulsly had and it blocked me for up to to days for miss use what?

    I think a class action suit for loosing all mine and other pictures would be appropriate for this company.