In Case You Missed It, We’ve Gone Monthly

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  • Cindy

    Dan, perhaps you should consider toning down the snark? A loyal subscriber makes a reasonable inquiry and you proceed to drag her through the mud with, “I guess this woman didn’t read…” Obnoxious.

  • Ol Boy

    @Cindy- We like snark on this blog. It is hardly a mud dragging to point out that the lady received three editions of the paper, but didn’t read them and therefore missed the ample and early notice of the changes. You both sound like dorks to me.

  • cynthia

    @Ol Boy and Dan Actually, not all readers of this blog enjoy the snark. I also felt that the tone of the post was needlessly caustic.

  • M

    Wow–you still answer phones? Since you’re going all “electronic” on us, figured you would only communicate electronically. Or be like Amazon and call you back when it’s convenient for you.

    Back at you, Snark.

  • Z

    Snark is for 15-year-olds and other immature souls. It’s neither witty nor entertaining. As for Dan, it’s not his fault. He may suffer from the very “We wrote it, so surely they read it!” myopia that’s doomed the printed paper. People read selectively. No one sits down and reads through every single word of a newspaper anymore, the way our grandparents did. I myself had forgotten the PCP was going monthly until this post reminded me.

  • Damn, y’all; I didn’t think what I wrote this morning was all that snarky. Perhaps my point of view is colored by the fact that this conversion from weekly to monthly has dominated my life of late.

  • Parkie

    Good use of a comma in that first sentence. It could have been ugly.

  • Ol Boy

    The lady who doesn’t read the paper calls up to ask why she didn’t get a paper. That’s called irony folks, and it is inherently snarkalishious!

  • Cindy

    @ Ol Boy, only a “dork” would think that publicly mocking customers is a good business practice.

    Food for thought: Perhaps…

    – The woman doesn’t read every issue

    – She only subscribes to show support for her local paper

    – She has the most pet hamsters in the Park Cities and uses the newspaper to line their cages

  • Ol Boy

    Cindy- Keep up the good snark. That hamster line makes me think you’ve almost gotten your sense of humor back!