Jewelry Thief Hides Loot in Mouth

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  • clare

    Something doesn’t add up here. Why did the salesperson turn her back with the diamonds still in sight? And wouldn’t she see that the diamonds were all accounted for before the customer left?

  • Ray

    @Clare I’m with you. Also, why did the Sales person even allow that much product out on the counter at one time? It’s makes monitoring things difficult and theft easier. I know I’ll get flamed for this but just looking at the supposed customer should have sent up a red flag. A guy walks into a Jewelry store wearing black baggy looking shorts, black T-shirt, and tennis shoes. We’re not talking fashion, more like Ghetto. But the Sales person felt convertible leaving jewelry all over the counter with her back turned? One item out at a time folks and never turn your back on a customer holding products that cost more than a buck.