Journalism Teacher Inspires in Digital Age

  • Addison Steele

    It’s not like PCP has ever set the highest bar in journalism, but some recent articles have been simply awful. This is one of them.

  • Caitlin

    Considering the paper’s name is People Newspapers, I think this story fits the bill. Covering the people in the community. Keep it up, Sarah!

  • Neal

    @Addison Steele – I disagree. This article is perfectly adequate to fill leftover column inches in the real estate advertising circular the monthly print product has become.

  • rhesa.b

    @neal and addison, why such hateful comments? Good gosh. Have you nothing better to do? Perhaps, since you both think so highly of yourselves, you would like to submit an article for possible publication.

  • Neal

    @rhesa.b – More out of sadness than anger, actually. I grew up with Park Cities People so I’m sorry to see it withering away. But you’re right: I just consume the product (such as it is these days); I don’t contribute to it. Wick Allison and the D folks obviously have some sort of strategy in mind that I suspect is something along the lines of “stop the bleeding” (and it’s their money at risk, not mine), but I don’t have to like the changes I’ve seen.