Let’s Dig Into District 108 Campaigns’ Expenses

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  • Real McCoy

    $282,516 to try and convince you that Chart Westcott isn’t a punchline of a candidate who has never accomplished anything in his short, ultra-privileged life.

    There are two serious candidates in this race who would bring valuable real world experience with them to Austin. And then there’s Daddy Westcott’s progeny, who has never worked a real job or had any responsibilities whatsoever. Even the Texas Bar won’t give Chart a standard license to practice law without strings attached- that should tell us something.

  • Mrs. Highland Park

    Well obviously the Alley or Meyer nasty trolls are on here already. Real McCoy is a real fraud.

  • A Different Mrs Highland Park

    Mrs Highland Park, it does not serve your candidate well to call those who oppose him nasty trolls. It merely reduces this race to a juvenile level and frankly that’s about the last thing race needs.

  • XT

    Troll? Really?
    Refute the statements Real McCoy stated.

  • Point of Clarification

    Morgan Meyer’s ad in the home tour brochure was not in vain. The brochures were put in the backpacks of the students at Bradfield and Armstrong. $150 well spent, Mr, Meyer!

  • DemBones

    “Anybody who lives in Texas House District 108 is sick and tired of receiving mailers from candidates Court Alley, Morgan Meyer, and Chart Westcott.”

    Actually, Dan, I’ve been spared, probably because I consistently vote in the Democratic primaries. However, I am sick and tired of the Corona and Huffines “Liar, liar, pants on fire” mailers.

  • Tom Blackwell

    I’m hearing from people who don’t like any of the above, or their mail. Consider Leigh Bailey, the Democratic nominee: http://leighbaileyfortexas.com/

  • 1st anon

    I hope that we, as a community, can commit to picking up and tossing yard signs by Wednesday morning after the election for those who do not win.

  • DeDe

    Real McCoy doesn’t understand that inheriting money is a perfectly acceptable way of acquiring wealth in HD 108. You should have worked harder at picking your parents, sorehead.