Local NCL Chapter Continues to Grow

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  • daddy o

    NCL should be ashamed of themselves. 445 mothers and only 5300 hours volunteered? That’s less than 12 hours per person volunteering. If the public only knew how much time NCL spends on themselves, and not on charity they would be amazed.

    NCL is a JOKE of a charity/service organization. But, unfortunately every girl feels like they have to do it to put on a college application. The kids spend most of their time meeting with each other, not serving others.

    1/3 of their dues are just so they can throw a end of year party for themselves!

    I hate that they are teaching my daughter that they are what they do is actually service.

  • XT

    daddy o,

    How many hours of service did your wife and daughter do last year? If they are truly involved, and feel like you do, why don’t they do something to make it better?

    I don’t even know what NCL is, but rather than complain, solve.

  • HP Ma

    @daddy o – 12 hours of volunteering is a great thing to be proud of, not ashamed of. Any amount of time serving others is time well spent. Mt daughter and I were in NCL and found it to be very earnest and the group leaders worked hard to make it a good experience for everyone. I don’t know what chapter your unfortunate daughter is part of but our chapter did not have fancy parties.

    PS – I say your daughter is unfortunate because you are her parent. Boom.

  • Momma O

    (Not related to daddy o) HP Ma, that was a really mean thing to say! In NCL, you are basically paying expensive dues, doing minimum charity work and having mandatory bogus meetings so your kid can develop “leadership skills” and put it on a college app. Boom.