Margaret Keliher, Airplanes, and a Reporter’s Recorder

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  • Sam Tamborello

    Sarah, jets have been flying over Lemmon Avenue for years. I have to chuckle because there is probably more noise from the tollroad (next door to Town Hall’s temporary offices).

    So how much money do HP residents pay for a legal advisor for the noise that has been around for years. Maybe council should apply for a no fly zone over HP? Not long ago HP wanted to move their temporary admin. offices at Love Field. Too funny!

  • T-Bone

    No, the tollway is much quieter than those jets. And its a constant hummm, as opposed to the takeoff blast of Southwest’s jets.

  • Avid Reader

    @Sam, You have used up your allotted number of uses of the word “chuckle” for the year.

  • Noise Averse

    I live in south HP, a few blocks from Lemmon. The noise from Love Field increased dramatically a few weeks ago. (When the new runway opened for the remodel of the airport, according to DMNews.) I’m glad town of HP hired an attorney.

  • Sam Tamborello

    You got that right boss, that old constant hummmm. All day long and all night long, 24 hours a day, including the roaring motorcycles, and large trucks. I’ll take the plane. It must be getting to HP administration and council (I say that jokingly and chuckling). Laugh a little.

    Cheer up, smile, and work things out like a friendly neighbor. Put the coffee on, or heck, let’s all meet for lunch with the folks at Southwest at the nicely renovated Love Field facilities and work this out.

    Honestly, HP Council should probably re-focus on protecting the town’s children from things like a dirty mosquito larvae childrens fountain, that sat for a very long time over at Abbott Park. Did anyone from the town call Dallas County Health Dept. or “notice” parents about the issue? Probably not, too busy fighting with LUV. What’s more important?

    And “Avid Reader”.. gosh, settle down. I’ll change it up.

    I wish everyone a great day!

  • Avid Reader

    @Sam Tamborello, You telling anyone to settle down is priceless. In your mind, the HP Council should tell these concerned citizens to pound sand and focus on your oh-so-important issues like city employees rolling a stop sign or making sure there is not a single puddle anywhere in the entire city. J

  • Sam Tamborello

    Was that fun writing under your covers? I’m really chuckling. I know the surrender flag goes up with my opponents when “no name bloggers” start the name calling and can not address issues important to the Town of HP or even our town’s children. It strikes me why grown adults even write under an alias name. If you have something to say, go for it.

    You folks have to fight with Southwest Airlines. Relax, relax, relax, and relax, or get some ear plugs. What I’ve noticed over a decade of living here is that it appears to be a few folks in HP that sours this town’s reputation. I think people roll their eyes about the noise issue and what goes on. Southwest is trying to work with the town, but you got to get the lawyers invloved. My oh my. Is the Town of HP going to fight with the Tollroad? the lawn blower noise? how about the firetrucks with their loud siren? Oh, goodnss, what about Mockinbord Lane? You sound like your the only ones who exist in North Texas.

    Too much noise complaining from the Mayor and the council sounds absolutely like nothing better to do.

    But gosh, mosquito larvae in the children’s drinking fountain? Town Council needs to focus on important issues. I know you try your best to divert the issue, but it’s not working.

    Get involved in the community and try to make it a better place, HP has enough isuues to work on in their own town.

    I really wish you all a great day. Especially you “Avid Reader.” God bless.

  • Avid Reader

    Back to the all important point of unmasking nefarious community bloggers eh Sam. Seems to seriously get under your skin that PC People won’t bow to your demands. Relax, relax, relax, and relax, or blog somewhere else. In none of my posts did I call you or anyone else a name of any kind. Simply pointed out that you are unilaterally deciding what a community member can and can not bring up as a concern to the city council. Seems that you think only your items of concern are of any true value to the city. Kind of sound like you think you are the only one who exists in Highland Park. Your straw-man points regarding the tollway, lawn service, and emergency vehicle sirens is silly. Not silly because they are not possible noise disturbances; but silly because if someone had an issue with them they would have every right to bring their concerns to the city council. Since that is not the case, there is no comparison.

    I assume that since it is such an important issue to you, that you brought the mosquito puddle issue directly to the appropriate city department and didn’t just post your comment on the community paper blog?

  • HP75

    Hey Chucklehead- If you were not such a condescending jerk, maybe someone would listen to you. God bless yourself.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Mr. Avid Reader, you better check with Chief Vinson about the issue of the mosquito larvae in the children’s water fountain bowl. Maybe you can do a TPIA, then we can find out who you are? The issue was reported when found, not just reported here now and today. Pretty nasty situation for little kids to have possibly sipped from the fountain. Not a puddle on the ground as you say, the fountain bowl was contaminated. Swimming larvae. Yuk! And now, there is West Nile virus found in the East side of HP? Isn’t that where Abbott Park is? Let me answer, Yes. Did HP notice parents or call the Dallas County Health Dept. to check it out. Still waiting.

    You know, some folks (a few in number) in HP just want to misrepresent things, say people are crazy, hide with alias names so they can call others in the community names. It so old school. And yes Avid Reader, if any HP employee fails to follow the law, especially running stop signs in taxpayers owned vehicles, then you bet they will be identified. Here is why. Because pedestrians have the right of way by law in Texas. Children use our crosswalks, as well as residents or others, and I’ll be darned if someone who can not follow the law will hurt someone just because they want to run a stop sign. Just ask the HP officer who ran a stop sign in HP in his own private vehicle while off duty. And confessed after caught.

    So Avid Reader, I feel for you, I think I recall you publicly stating someone in the PC a “monster.” It appears you are a judger of others yet you silly little boy, hiding behind your assumed name. Be a community builder, do something great.

    Just like your friend HP75, honestly, this amuses me that some are so freightened to say what they say without their real name. I already have the blessing of HP, Dallas County, and most important, God. Forget what you think. I’m bursting out laughing in my office. Who are you, man!

    Forget about planes that have flown over Lemmon Ave. for years. Makes me wonder if this is a personal agenda?

    I wish everyone a great day. God bless.

  • HP75

    As you see folks, messing with Tamborello on this blog is kind of like surprising a possum in the alley at night. At first it’s funny to laugh at his stupid reactions and then after that, it’s all just kind of sad.

  • Avid Reader

    Color me not shocked. Everytime someone pokes a hole in Tamborello’s inane ramblings he goes right back to the alias distraction. Sam, I am sorry that you can’t make a decent argument on the merit of your ideas.

  • T-Bone

    “Sam’s best business advice is:
    1. Don’t believe everything your hear or read because there are two sides to a story;
    2. Never, never, and never underestimate a Grasshopper;
    3. Mess with the Bull, you get the horns”

    1. I certainly believe it now……
    2. I dont even understand that one……..
    3. Maybe. But a lot of times you just get Bullsh*t……..


  • Sam Tamborello

    I wonder if Wick will sell me the PCP blog? I’d like to make an offer.

  • Avid Reader

    @Sam Tamborello, Prove it.

  • Sam Tamborello

    Let’s see here, my first act (if I did own the PCP) would to get rid of (my opinion) creepy bloggers named T-Bone, Avid Reader, and someone named HP75 who likes to walk around in dark alleys at night and confront possums (his own words above, yikes!).

    HP75, I don’t know anyone in HP or UP that walks around in alleys at night and plays with “possums”, weird man. I believe the value of the PCP blog would 100 manifold just getting rid of creepy badmouthers who are nothing more than little bitty fraidy cats. Boo.

    Come on Wick, I believe you can do much better than this.

  • XT

    Well, make an offer already.

    Or,here’s a novel idea, just start your own blog.

  • Sam Tamborello

    I say this chuckling (and i’ve had a good laugh to start my day), but did you mean to write “make an offer?” “Make an offer already” is not a proper sentence.

    XT, I believe you have the same bloated problem as Avid Reader, you profuse garbage from your mouth. If your going to do such, then at least man up and do your free speech with a real name.

    If you want to bad mouth politically, then quit your whining about local candidates and run a campaign yourself. Let’s see how far you would get. At least all candidates for Texas House are trying and making an effort. All you and your “bully blogger nameless” buds do is complain with your pajamas on.

    XT, you better watch those possums in the alley like HP75 plays with (too funny). W

    Come on Wick, the PCP blog can do much better than this. (EOM’s)

  • XT

    I truly believe that you have lost your mind. Sad. And my pajamas are very comfortable, thank you very much.

    I didn’t “bad mouth politically” (not sure if that’s a proper phrase, but then, I don’t care), I said that anyone who would form an opinion about someone based on a mass distribution Christmas card is not very discerning.

    I received the same Christmas card (as I’m sure everyone who can potentially vote for him did), and it was a very nice card of his I’m sure very nice family. Surprisingly, it didn’t sway my opinion of him one way or another.

  • Avid Reader

    Thanks for letting us live rent-free in your head Sam.

  • HP75

    Well God bless us all and have nice day, the Chuckling Possum strikes again!