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Meyer Hosts Party to Kick Off His Campaign For District 108

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  • ParkCitiesParent

    Court Alley is a dedicated conservative businessman… Morgan Meyer is a moderate trial lawyer claiming to be a conservative businessman. Meyer doesn’t even say he’s pro-life anywhere on his website. Hmm… makes the choice easy for me.

  • anon

    @ParkCitiesParent, tell us just who is NOT pro-life.

    BTW, Court Alley’s one-page website (http://allforalley.com/) doesn’t say if he is pro-life, pro-women, or pro-dog.

  • ParkCitiesParent

    @anon Exactly, Court Alley doesn’t have a issues page up yet. Morgan has an issues page up and left off any social issues. Trust me, issue pages are carefully planned. It’s not an accident that there is no mention of standing up for traditional marriage, defending the unborn, or anything about the Second Amendment.

    Morgan Meyer is a RINO. Plain and simple. Look for him to endorse Strauss for Speaker as soon as he gets the chance. I hope Alley comes out for whoever is challenging Straus as soon as possible.

  • XT

    Hmmm, I wonder who ParkCitiesParent is voting for…

  • anon

    @XT – I’m thinking Leigh Bailey.

  • 1st anon

    2 different anons. I was the first; someone else the second.

    In any case, @ParkCitiesParent, please, tell us, just WHO in this world do you believe is not pro-life?

  • ParkCitiesReader

    Wow, I think the right question is who does ParkCitiesParent WORK for, not who are they going to vote for…I guess that is where we are, throw a bunch of baseless comments out there and hope some of them stick…and btw, why doesn’t Court have an issues page up yet, is he still trying to decide what he believes/polls well?

  • 2nd Anon

    Considering he shares the same consultants as Ken Paxton (that’s the hardcore right wing nutjob trying to beat Dan Branch for AG) I’d expect he’s waiting to hear what positions the Tea Party nuts want him to support. I foresee a hard push to the right in his near future.

  • Sarah Bennett


    I’ve updated the Court Alley post with his list of supporters. Go there to see more.

  • Observer

    Meyer looks like he could be a model, as is his wife. Nothing wrong with that.

    Our own Dan Branch is up against the head Railroad Commisioner, Smitherman, who claims to be preparing Texas to survive the upcoming collapse of the USA. Reassuring.

    Meanwhile, Sessions has a primary challenger, Tea Partier Katrina Pierson. Bet she hasn’t had a fund-raiser in a brothel (“No one was nekkid”), received a love note from Allen “Ponzi” Stanford, traded her spouse for a DC staffer, or failed to show up to be sworn into Congress. Still, we’re in a safe Republican district, and those that choose for us always choose Pete.

    Enjoy your primary season.

  • J Jones

    I know all three candidates – they’re good people. But I also know that they aren’t really the tea party nut jobs that they’re trying to be. I hate this race to the bottom to win the GOP primary. I would expect that in garland, not the bubble. Watch as the knuckles on these three guys will drag on the ground.

    And what exactly is wrong with speaker Straus? The nuts all say he’s bad. But conservatives have actually gotten a lot more done with him in power than an extreme tea partier.

  • Steve

    Does Dan Branch’s website talk about “standing up for traditional marriage and defending the unborn?” I know he does but he represents Oak Lawn as well. Do their votes not count at all? Isn’t Court about 27 years old? What kind of conservative business has he been involved in for the last five years since college? Dallas real estate?

  • XT

    @ Steve,

    Just a slight correction to your post, that’s “Daddy’s real estate”, not “Dallas real estate”.

  • Sarah Bennett

    @Steve, I think you’re thinking of Chart Westcott, who is 28. Court Alley is 33 I believe, and Morgan Meyer is 39.

  • Avid Reader

    Is it common practice to have a large company’s in-house counsel start in that position before actually starting law school?