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Middle School Cafeteria to Sell New York Subs and Chick-fil-A

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  • PCMP

    PCMP=Park Cities Mom Problems…Oh rejoice that I don’t have to prepare more lunches and the kids can charge their accounts for Fast Food and subs. This frees me up for more Tennis, Chardonnay and Pedicures every week.

    Park Cities Mom Problems….

  • Avid Reader

    @PCMP, You need new material; see the related blog posts for the exact same joke in 34 different versions.

    I’m surprised this took so long to figure out. Hasn’t NYSub supplied sandwiches for the sports teams on a regular basis?

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  • A. B.

    Where’s the ‘like’ button for Avid’s comment? Personally, it’s yes to tennis, pedicures about once/year and I prefer red wine to white. I also work 2 jobs from home and pack lunch for my kids each day whether the cafeteria is functioning or not. Hate to blow your mind, PCMP.