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Middle School Parents Steamed Over Absence of Hot Lunches

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  • NotFromHere

    “Nonetheless, Skinner said Hitzelberger should expect to see plenty of moms and dads ignoring that rule.”

    I guess rules are for the little people.

    Parents already knew there would be a month of bagging it; this is just a one month delay. Most of the days will be hot and kids will not crave a hot meal. An ice pack in an insulated lunch bag surmounts the hot locker problem. Thermos containers can keep hot food very warm. If one sandwich won’t cut it, send two. Fifth graders are old enough to fix their own lunches if parents buy the supplies.

    Please, for the sake of Dr. Hitzelberger’s sanity, play by the rules.

  • Hey Skinner and Smoot. Chillax!

    We gotcha covered. Haven’t you heard about our Fab school lunch catering pop up we are doing? For $20 cash a week your boyz will get 5 awesome money back guaranteed lunches. All you gotta do is login and order up and we deliver each morning!

    Problem solved S&S.

    Surprised you don’t already know about us.


    FYI. L Fearing don’t cook…..


  • T-Bone

    Please, for the sake of the high property taxes we pay (4x due to Robin Hood), do a better job detailing the construction specifications before you start, hire architects with the experience to design it right the first time, hire contractors who can work 7a-7p during the dry summer months and finish on schedule, and hold HP District employees accountable when they can’t do their job as hired.

    You may not be “from here”, but that’s the way we do things in Texas……..We don’t suffer incompetence.

  • Avid Reader

    Knowing the full risk of extending this conversation that is silly (blast your irritation at them for totally blowing the construction deadlines and only notifying the parents a couple weeks before school, then we can all just make our kids some lunches and the world will keep spinning); the delay is not just one month. The previous blog post included the notification to parents that stated the construction would continue “through the end of October”. September+October=2 months at the very least if they can move forward without any further delays.

  • HP Mom

    I can’t get over how silly these Moms like Cynthia Smoot sound. Really? How ridiculous that you’re griping about making lunch for your kid! You’re busy because you’re constantly busy promoting yourself as a socialite. Mi Cocina delivery? Food trucks? PACK A LUNCH. It can be done. These suggestions scream of entitlement and open the school to compromised security with a stream of “my kid can’t eat a room temp meal so here comes a steaming hot plate of Briskit tacos!” parents. Good lord. This is why people outside of the PC don’t like people inside the PC.

  • It always amuses me that the people who want to leave hateful comments will never use their real names. For your information, HP Mom (whoever you are), my complaint was not that I have to make a lunch. My complaint is that it is an outrage that HPISD so poorly mismanaged this project and now thousands of families are being affected. They’ve had 3 months with no one on the property to get that kitchen done. Maybe you haven’t driven over to HPMS/MIS recently, but they just have the sheetrock up. That cafeteria is nowhere near to be completed. If they have it done by Xmas, I’ll be surprised. That’s poor planning, poor project management and for what I pay to live in this district – I expect better. Like I said in the article, it doesn’t matter how delicious the lunch is I send, after it’s been sitting in the bottom of a locker for 4 hours. It’s not going to be good, and thus won’t be eaten. These kids need to have their bodies and minds fueled to learn. HPSID is doing them a disservice. Shame on them.


    You’re right @CynthiaSMoot. It was a mean comment and I apologize. I totally get the frustration everyone has with the situation but most of the complaints I’ve heard have been more about busy moms having to pack a lunch = less about the poor project management. Someone ought to ask the district to explain themselves town hall style.

  • Lark

    Come on HP Mom, people outside of the PC don’t like people on the inside of the PC because they don’t have enough money to join the club. If they did they would.

  • Thanks for the apology, HPMom. We’re all in this together… Parkie Power!

  • cynthia

    Well played, HPMOM and Cynthia. I am saddened sometimes by the lack of civility on this board. However, I appreciate the mature tone taken by both of you. Refreshing!

  • 8thMom

    I don’t get Mr. Turner blaming the parents for the delay if there was a security issue. After Newton, Ct I am sure everything changed for school design. Thank God we had leadership and parents who had the guts to stand up and speak up! Otherwise, we might have had a security issue? Really?

    Also, the all volunteer PTA is responsible for running the cafeteria, filing the tax returns,etc., and everyday they don’t serve lunch is a loss to the PTA revenue stream. (according to public filings). I’m sure the volunteers would love to find a way to serve lunch – I’m surprised there is not a creative solution that uses economy of scale.

    Project creep, where the simple cafeteria expansion became a much more involved expansion and remodel , with lots of extras, etc. It looks different than the plans presented in February. Can we get some updates with drawings from the district on the new plans?

    First two days have gone ok… kid loves his lunches. And I agree that we need to support the principals efforts and not try to undermine – but still creative suggestions should be made!

  • NFW

    @8thMom-Huh??? The moms serve the food, but I don’t believe the PTA receives any funds from the sale of food. If the PTA runs all aspects of the cafeteria, then why are the employees who prepare the food actually district employees?

  • Sam Tamborello

    School administrators and faculty deserve a HUGE raise, and in my opinion, are way underpaid. My hat is off to them for taking on their job. Lighten up on them, geez.

    So the cafeteria is off schedule, ok. How about thanking the admnistrators and faculty for what they do!

    Thought about that?

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  • Chuckling

    @ Sam,
    Town employees checking water fountains for mosquitos deserve a huge raise, and in my opinion, are way underpaid. My hat is off to them for taking on their job. Lighten up on them, geez.

    So one water fountain in a park has stagnant water, ok. How about thanking the town employees for what they do!

    Thought about that?

  • peoplemakemegiggle

    I really hope that your comment is nothing more than a poor attempt at humor. You come off as an even bigger d*#@&!bag than the whiney, entitled, self important ninnies that are pissing and moaning in the first place.

  • Sam Tamborello

    That last situation must of really steamed a certain HP “group.”

    I’ve forgiven.

  • Sam Tamborello

    When I need a good burst out laugh, I hit this blog. What I’ve been thinking about are all the school educators and administrators that put up with nonsense. I’ll repeat, all the ridiculous nonsense.

    Thank God today for the great educators teaching the kids in the PC and protecting them from danger. Thank God for our servicemen and women facing the dangers today. I bet some of the oldtimers who lived through the Depression and read this stuff…..really laugh out loud.

    I wish you all a safe and fun Labor Day!

  • Lark

    Joking! Sort of. You have to concede that there is a strong possibility of at least a little envy on the part of d*#@&!bags that label PC residents as whiney, entitled, self important ninnies. There’s just too much emotion in a statement like that for there not to be a wound somewhere that needs nursing.

  • Chuckling

    Hmmm, “self important ninnies”. I wonder where I’ve seen one of those on these boards. I feel like I’m very close to finding one, I’m getting very warm, warmer…

  • 8thmom

    @NFW…. It is a unique arrangement, in place for years, as the district does not run a food service program. If you don’t believe me, check the district website and public filings of all campuses PTA tax returns.

  • And y’all thought HPISD had cafeteria problems:


  • Angela Pea?

    Parents are whining because it is inconvenient to pack a lunch to feed their children? Their CHILDREN? Oh wait. This is Highland Park. I guess what they really mean is that they’ll be inconvenienced instructing the Nanny or the Housekeeper to pack a lunch. And the whole deal about leaving lunches in hot lockers? Really? Do they not understand the concept of an insulated lunchbox and an ice pack?

    Lord love a duck. That privilege should yield such selfishness.

  • BubbleBurster


  • lori

    Why our school districts cannot run their own cafeterias?! What is wrong with having our local restaurants provide healthy meals for our own children. We should be all thinking about making our community stronger and support local places we dine in everyday in any possible way we can. It is not important for the school cafeteria to look beautiful if the food that’s served there isn’t healthy.